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Barry Wilkins asked:
> I have a question about the latest Philips 42PF9966 42" plasma TVs.

Not to be mistaken with the Philips 42PF9986 42" LCD TVs !!

> It concerns the ability or otherwise of being able to expand a
> 2.35:1 aspect image to fill the screen vertically while retaining
> the correct proportionality of images, i.e. simply eliminating
> some of the width to result in 16:9 aspect.

There is no such thing as "simply eliminating some of the width" !
Only when there are empty side pillars, or when the picture content
is protected by pan-scan vectors, could one safely cut off some of
the side information. We have chosen not to do this in our TVs.

> I find the present models will not allow this.

Have you ever seen a consumer TV/monitor/display that does this,
other than by setting up the geometry through some expert menu ?

> They either fill the screen but distort the images horizontally,

Yes, in the "automatic aspect ratio adaptation mode" it will do
vertical zoom up to an aspect ratio of 18:9. The width remains
constant. The source sends out a 16:9 signal, so the aspect ratio
will then be distorted by a maximum factor of 18/16 = 1.125.

> or you have the black bars top and bottom.

As it was written on the DVD... The source is the boss !

> I know that many people may prefer to see the whole width but
> I would be perfectly content with a larger image that made full
> use of the screens proportions.

I don't know that. I only remember fierce discussions in this list
about the harm of having a few percent of overscan. This is not a
subject that I would like to burn my fingers on again.  ;-)

> So, does this new model allow proportional expansion in both planes?

No, unless maybe in the service menu. But not as you would like it.

> Do you know if there will be a larger content of source material
> in 16:9 aspect? I find that documentaries/drama on DVDs from the
> UK/Europe have a larger proportion of 16:9 content. Also, the
> quality is generally perfecto!

From where are you calling ? 90% of my DVD collection is in 16:9
"anamorphic" format, and a good part of that still has some black
bars on the top and bottom. The prices are according to the quality.
I want to buy Season 7 of "Buffy", a 6-disc DVD set, uncensored (!),
16:9 and all, but the price of 90 Euro (approx. 110 dollar) is still
holding me back. Here you get what you pay for.
(Craig, is Santa subscribed to OpenDTV too ? Santa, do you read me ?)

> I am very interested in one of these new screens but it is a large
> investment for an item that for the majority of the time may not be
> utilized efficiently in terms of picture height.

You want to wait for screens that are wider than 16:9 ?
That should draw Craig into an interesting discussion...  ;-)

It shouldn't be too difficult to write software for controlling
the scalers to do what you want, but I doubt that our product
management would see that as a wise move. I could suggest it.

> The resolution of the 42PF9966 is I think 1366 X 768. This must be an
> NEC type display rather than the Fujitsu 1024 X 1024 type used in
> earlier models. Is this prefered because the Alis screen was interlaced
> and the new one progressive?

No, you are confusing it with the 42PF9986, which is a 42" WXGA LCD.
The 42PF9966 has the 1kx1k ALiS. There is a 50PF9966 50" WXGA plasma
with a NEC display. There is no ALiS available in that size.

-- Jeroen.
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