[opendtv] Re: 20060117 Mark's (Almost) Monday Memo

  • From: Richard Hollandsworth <holl_ands@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 01:10:26 -0800 (PST)

Here is a link to the 2003 Hitachi Brochure re VirtualHD 1080p Processing:
It's at the bottom of the discussion re lack of 1080p on HDMI interfaces.

Richard Hollandsworth <holl_ands@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Many 1080i sets look as good 
as a 1080p set because they deinterlace into  a picture buffer and then read it 
out at much higher than 30 fps, just like a computer monitor can spit out the 
same image at 60, 72, 75 Hz, etc.
Note VirtualHD 1080p processing in my 2003 Hitachi 42-inch Plasma, which is 
capable of 1280x1024@75 fps on the VGA port (see attached brocure).

PS: Sears has the similiar Hitachi 42HDM12 Monitor (Alis 1024x1024) on sale for 


Tom Barry  wrote: 

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
> Mark Schubin wrote:
>>     - This story from Connected Home Media I liked for one
>>of the headlines.  Did you know 2006 will be "The Year of
> I think what the paragraph actually describes is the year of
> 1080p. Which The Perfect Vision is also claiming. In which
> case, the interesting question (IMO) would be what looks
> better on a 1080 at 60p display? 720p upconverted, or 1080i
> deinterlaced?

I'm running an AVS poll on that very subject right now for those that 
recently got a 1080p display for Xmas, or wherever.  The results 
strongly suggest (against my expectations) that deinterlaced 1080i is 
superior.  Though the number of respondents is still small (30 with a 
1080p display).  See:

It is always a mystery to me why 1080i continues to do so well but it 
often looks better to me too.  But I don't have a 1080p display yet.

- Tom

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