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Perhaps they have 1080i inputs only? For instance the new Philips 1080P LCD
panels come with interlaced 1080 inputs and 720P, but they don't accept
1080P signals.

Believe there are other displays that have the same issue.

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Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
> Mark Schubin wrote:
>>     - This story from Connected Home Media I liked for one
>>of the headlines.  Did you know 2006 will be "The Year of
> I think what the paragraph actually describes is the year of
> 1080p. Which The Perfect Vision is also claiming. In which
> case, the interesting question (IMO) would be what looks
> better on a 1080 at 60p display? 720p upconverted, or 1080i
> deinterlaced?

I'm running an AVS poll on that very subject right now for those that
recently got a 1080p display for Xmas, or wherever.  The results
strongly suggest (against my expectations) that deinterlaced 1080i is
superior.  Though the number of respondents is still small (30 with a
1080p display).  See:


It is always a mystery to me why 1080i continues to do so well but it
often looks better to me too.  But I don't have a 1080p display yet.

- Tom

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