[opendtv] 20060109 Mark's Monday Memo

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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 22:05:33 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

     Here are some very efficient (low-administrative-cost) relief organiza=
tions (all have four-star ratings from CharityNavigator.org):
     I understand the Red Cross web site is often busy.  Americans may also=
 call 800 HELP NOW (800 435-7669).

- Follow-ups:

     - LG's coming set-top boxes - The $50 price on the AV Science Forum wa=
s extrapolated from old testimony; that price was NOT recently provided by =
LG, according to the person who wrote that piece.  At the same time, anothe=
r correspondent who attended the LG demo at CES called it "their prototype =
$50 ATSC converter box for the DTV transition."

     - H.265 - Some of the people working on the standard dispute the compl=
etion date and quality improvement.  One called it a "stretch."

     - ***The Technology Retreat***, February 21-24 in Rancho Mirage -=20
          - So, if compression is complicated, what about uncompressed HD? =
 Can it be transmitted over an RF link?  And why does someone from Boeing w=
ant to tell you about it?
     You actually WON'T find out about this at ***The Technology Retreat***=
.  Not exactly, anyway.  But, if you come to the joint seminar of the Advan=
ced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and Society of Broadcast Engineers =
(SBE) the day before the main retreat starts (February 21), you WILL.  Not =
only will you learn about uncompressed HD over an RF link (and why Boeing i=
s explaining it), but you'll also learn about the next-generation satellite=
 transmission standard and HD ENG.  And that's not the HALF of it!  Is ther=
e a data-return link associated with DTT?  If you don't need to go uncompre=
ssed, which codec should you choose?  What spectrum issues are involved?  M=
ight your wireless mic stop working?
     ALL broadcasters should attend this seminar on digital newsgathering, =
not to mention anyone else involved in either news or signal transmission. =
 Uncompressed HD over an RF link?  That doesn't sound like something associ=
ated with digital cinema, does it?  Hmm.
     Just in case you already know all there is to know about compression, =
return data links, satellites, and HD, there's another, concurrent half-day=
 seminar that Tuesday, this time with guru Charles Poynton on display techn=
ology.  Do you understand the temporal relationship between a CCD camera an=
d an LCD display?  Let him talk you through it.
     Both of those seminars have separate admission charges.  I think you'l=
l find them WELL worth the price of admission.
          - There is yet another breakfast roundtable!  Philippe Soeiro, of=
 Autodesk Media & Entertainment, will be moderating a roundtable on managin=
g data complexity in film and television production.  That makes 35 roundta=
bles so far, with more expected.  And there's room for more!  If you are re=
gistered for the event (hint), and you'd like to moderate a breakfast round=
table on any subject, consider these three cautions:
     1.  They start at 7:30 am (but are nevertheless one of the most popula=
r parts of the retreat; one year, someone checked himself out of the hospit=
al in the middle of the night just to attend the breakfast roundtables).
     2.  A moderator can't attend any other roundtable that day.
     3.  Once you commit to moderate a roundtable, you can change topic or =
find a substitute moderator up to the last minute, but you must cover the t=
     If all of that's agreeable, just let me know the day (Thursday and/or =
Friday), the topic (brief as possible title and subject to truncation), and=
 your name and affiliation.  You can enjoy instant confirmation.
          - Cine-tal, Clarity Image, Digital Vision, DVS, JVC, NVIDIA, NVis=
ion, Snell & Wilcox, Sony, and Xytech are joining the 25 other companies in=
 the demo area, with probably more to come.  What will they show?  I'm swor=
n to secrecy on the one thing I know about, but it might be worth noting th=
at both Panasonic's Varicam and Sony's HDCAM SR were introduced at ***The T=
echnology Retreat***.  It's also where Evertz showed how to turn an old Gra=
ss Valley Model 100 into an HD switcher, where Cobalt showed the 3-D rig th=
at shot the Super Bowl, where Lucas Digital (ILM) showed the palmable camer=
a attitude sensor used on "Star Wars: Episode 3," and where Cinea showed th=
eir piracy-proof DVD players for Academy-award screeners, among other thing=
          - As for the main program, I have nothing new to say.  There are =
just sessions on displays, broadcasting, the video consumer marketplace, te=
lco TV, TV for mobile devices (Modeo), an introduction to MovieLabs, a stat=
us report on content protection, high-resolution and large-format acquisiti=
on and processing, the latest developments at NHK and Olympus, 3-D acquisit=
ion and post, digital cinema (and beyond) worldwide, a Washington update, n=
ext-generation consumer disks, lip-sync, letterbox and pillarbox bars, 10 G=
b networking, advanced compression, and audio metadata.  Ho-hum.
          - You could ignore it all, or you could join all the major networ=
ks, all the major Hollywood studios, the Department of Defense, National Se=
curity Agency, consumer electronics and professional equipment manufacturer=
s, academics, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and more at **=
*The Technology Retreat***.  What do they know that you don't?  More import=
ant, what will they find out that you won't?
          - Admission WILL be cut off when capacity is reached (I think we'=
re somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 of the way there).  Don't regret not going=
 for the rest of your life.  BE THERE!

     - U.S. DTT reception - The owner of a cable system at the edge of the =
Birmingham, Alabama market (about 50 miles from the transmitter) had to scr=
amble to pick up a nearby Mississippi station to fill in for a station he c=
ould no longer receive because the station switched from analog to digital.=
  The analog station was low-band VHF and the digital UHF, and it's possibl=
e the analog was also higher and more powerful, but, according to Demopolis=
 CATV owner Lynn Goldman, "The digital channels won't reach as far, which i=
s why we couldn't carry FOX-6":

     - CES - I've been hearing from many correspondents about the Consumer =
Electronics Show.  All seem to agree on a few points:
          - LEDs are being used as illumination not only for LCD TVs and po=
cket projectors but even for large projection TVs.  When used as LCD backli=
ghts, they were said to offer 2.5 times the brightness at the same power co=
nsumption, and their fast on/off times offer other advantages:
     Find out more about ALL the display technologies at CES at ***The Tech=
nology Retreat***.  Don't say you weren't warned:
          - There is a next-generation disk all-out war:
               - I really liked this report from someone at Pioneer's compa=
rison of ordinary DVD with Blu-ray:  "I thought that both looked good on th=
e program material I saw, though the HD Blu-ray image was noticeably sharpe=
r. =E2=80=94TJN":
               - This New York Times story today thinks the war between Son=
y's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox could determine the winner of the Blu-=
ray/HD DVD battle:
               - There WILL be an enlightening session on next-generation d=
isks at ***The Technology Retreat*** by the three authors who wrote the boo=
k ("DVD Demystified").  BE THERE!
          - My most engineering-oriented correspondents were extremely exci=
ted about Genoa Technologies more-than-three-primaries display technologies=
.  They said the expanded color gamut -- even from a consumer camcorder sho=
oting a scene right there -- was awesome:
     Will there be a surprise demonstration of Genoa's ColorPeak at ***The =
Technology Retreat***?  As Bugs Bunny would say, "Er, could be""
          - SED, which is supposed to be available as a 55-inch 1080p displ=
ay later this year, was still being shown as a smaller 720p display, but al=
l still agree it looks better than any other flat-panel technology:
          - There were many projection TVs that were ten inches thick or le=
          - There were beyond 1920 x 1080 consumer displays, like a Sanyo p=
rojector.  There was also Dell's 2560 x 1600 30-inch LCD:
          - Then there was BenQ's aromatherapy DLP projector:
          - There were almost no DTT set-top boxes, but a Chinese manufactu=
rer in the Sands, Michley Electronics, had one said to be ready to be sold =
at $100.
          - LG is suggesting the use of VSB (VSBnet) for home networking:
          - ZigBee's wireless networking is another option.  This story is =
from EE Times:
          - There was lots of stuff using OCAP, the OpenCable applications =
     There was also a demonstration of downloadable conditional access (eli=
minating the need for a CableCARD or its slot) by Comcast, LG, and Nagravis=
          - "Location shift" (moving programming to small devices) was repo=
rtedly a hot topic.  Here's a New York Times story on home networking:
          - Video-on-demand/downloading:
               - It seems hot because people are already making money on it=
               - Here's Google's entry:
               - And here's Yahoo's:
     It's said to be optimized for Intel's new ViiV chip:
     This story is from EE Times:
     This one, also from EE Times, ties Google to ViiV, too:
     And this one, also EE Times, is about Intel's latest push into the ent=
ertainment business:
               - And here's The New York Times on both Google and Yahoo:
               - This New York Times story is on generic TV via the Interne=
t.  It mentions HD at 6 Mbps:
          - The New York Times also had an editorial on the problems of the=
 new technology, citing the reports of half of HDTV owners not getting HD:
          - This New York Times attendee liked Sharp's LCD display that all=
ows two viewers to watch two different shows on the same screen at the same=
 time without either seeing what the other is watching:
          - These stories cover satellite developments at CES:
          - These stories are on FCC chair Kevin Martin's speech.  The last=
 is from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  The first, from TWICE, show just ho=
w confused everyone is about the U.S. DTT transition.  It discusses the FCC=
's work on auctioning analog TV's "VHF spectrum" post transition (the core =
U.S. DTT spectrum includes all VHF TV channels, 2-13):
          - These are some other reports from the show:
          - This one, from Engadget, is mostly links to speeches and other =
          - What can I say?  CES is a BIG show.  If you think it's too big =
or if you just missed it and want to learn what was there, consider ***The =
Technology Retreat***.  It's nice and compact.  There's no trouble getting =
a cab.  Nothing (except the breakfast roundtables) is concurrent.  There's =
more food, and it's tastier.  The weather's at least as good.  CES doesn't =
have a softball championship at Fenway Park.  Take a vacation in Palm Sprin=
gs, but be sure to register first, so you can write it off:

     - July 1 -=20
          - This week I've listed 58 ads for TVs 36-inch or larger.  Of tho=
se, 40 (69%) have integrated DTT-reception capability.  As of July 1, 100% =
of those manufactured in or imported to the U.S. and equipped with tuners w=
ere supposed to have integrated DTT-reception capability.  I've also listed=
  42 ads for TVs between 25- and 35-inch.  Of those, 5 (12%) have integrate=
d DTT-reception capability.  As of July 1, 50% of those manufactured in or =
imported to the U.S. and equipped with tuners were supposed to have integra=
ted DTT-reception capability.
          - See also the ads section for inexpensive non-integrated sets th=
at are HD and/or widescreen.
       - TV sets that required DTT-reception circuitry starting 2004:
         - Sony 36S45 36-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $289
         - Sony Wega 36FS10 36-inch flat-tube TV @ Universal $459
         - Toshiba 36H45 36-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $259
         - Toshiba Da50 50-inch projection TV w/PIP @ Universal $409 DV
         - Sony 53S65 53-inch projection TV w/PIP @ Universal $479
         - Sony 65S75 65-inch projection TV w/PIP @ Universal $749
         DV - price includes DVD player
       - TV sets that required DTT-reception circuitry starting 2005:
         - Insignia ISTV040923 27-inch TV @ Best Buy $169.99
         - Jensen TS2750J 27-inch TV @ Circuit City $174.99
         - Panasonic 27H45 27-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $109
         - Panasonic CT27SL15 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Circuit City $309.99
         - Panasonic PVDF2735 27-inch flat TV/DVD/VCR @ Circuit City $449.9=
         - Sharp 27F541 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Best Buy $239.99
         - Sony 27S45 27-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $129
         - Sony Wega 27FS10 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Universal $189
         - Sony Wega KV27FS120 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Best Buy $329.99
         - Sony Wega KV27FS120 27-inch flat-tube TV @ P.C. Richard $288.97
         - Toshiba 27AF45 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Best Buy $329.99
         - JVC AV32F476 32-inch flat-tube TV @ Circuit City $447.99
         - Magnavox 32MT3305 32-inch TV @ Circuit City $279.99
         - Sony 32S45 32-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $189
         - Sony Wega 32FS10 32-inch flat-tube TV @ Universal $309
         - Sony Wega KV32FS120 32-inch flat-tube TV @ P.C. Richard $499.97
         - Toshiba 32A35 32-inch TV @ Best Buy $329.99
         - Toshiba 32AF45 32-inch flat-tube TV @ Best Buy $499.99
       - Devices that would require DTT-reception circuitry in 2007:
         - Konka 13-inch TV @ Universal $45
         - Symphonic ST413E 13-inch TV @ Circuit City $59.99
         - Konka 19-inch TV @ Universal $59
         - Insignia ISTV040919 20-inch TV @ Best Buy $94.99
         - "Famous Makers" VCR @ Universal $22
         - Allegro DVD/VCR combo @ Circuit City $69.99
         - "Famous Makers" DVD/VCR combo @ Universal $44
         - Toshiba SD-V393 DVD/VCR combo @ Best Buy w/$10GC $99.99
         - CyberHome DVR1600 DVD recorder @ Best Buy $89.99 AR
         - Panaasonic DMR-ES20S DVD recorder @ Best Buy $199.99
         - Panasonic DMR-ES40VS VCR/DVD recorder combo @ Best Buy $299.99
         - Samsung DVDR120 DVD recorder w/$30GC @ Circuit City $149.99
         - Sansui VCR/DVD recorder combo @ Universal $79
         - Sharp DVRW550U VCR/DVD recorder combo @ Circuit City $199.99
         - Sony computer w/TV tuner @ Universal $699
         - Sony VGC-VA10G computer w/TV tuner @ J&R $1849.99
         AR - price after mail-in rebate
         GC - price includes gift card of amount shown
       - Devices that would require dual DTT-reception circuitry in 2007:
          - Sylvania 6720FDE 20-inch flat-tube TV/DVD/VCR @ Best Buy $239.9=
       - Devices possibly not covered but receiving analog TV signals:
          - eton FR300 AM/FM/TV/WX/light/siren/crank/charger @ J&R $49.99
          WX - weather
          Best Buy also advertised an RF modulator for $21.99.
          - Readers have asked how to get hold of some of the non-national =
retailers, so look for their phone numbers at the bottom of the memo.

     - May 1 - None of the lists I check have been updated since the last m=

- Doug Lung offers a 2005 DTT year in review:

- A study by Frank N. Magid Associates says 40% of HD homes have PVRs, and =
they use them frequently.  The full story requires a paid subscription:
     FYI, another Magid study shows 32% of Americans never watch what they =

- CableWorld had a roundtable on HD:

- International H/DTV news:=20

     - BBC director-general Mark Thompson says the Internet will be "the mo=
st important medium we operate in":
     Here's information on the BBC's Internet media player:

     - Spain's Telefonica phone company has exceeded its target of 200,000 =
subscribers to its hybrid IPTV/DTT service, Imagenio:

- Still no post-week-48 dealer sales figures from the Consumer Electronics =
Association (CEA), but they've been busy with CES.

- Ads for set-top DTT receivers: I'm aware of only the DirecTV units at Bes=
t Buy and Circuit City and the Sony PVR at J&R.

- Ad confusions:  Best Buy listed the integrated JVC HD56G786 and Zenith Z5=
0PX2D as requiring a digital receiver sold separately.

- The ads - Readers have asked how to get hold of some of the non-national =
retailers, so look for their phone numbers at the bottom of the memo.
  - Best Buy (HD disclaimers only):
    - DirecTV H20 DirecTV/ATSC receiver/decoder $0 AS
    - DirecTV HR10-250 ATSC/DirecTV receiver/PVR $399.99 AS
    - Insignia IS-TVHD30 30-inch widescreen TV $499.99
    - JVC HD56G786/HD56BP6 56-inch wide integr. D-ILA proj. DTV $2699.99 ST
    - LG 23LX1RV 23-inch widescreen LCD/DVD combo $1099.99
    - LG 50PX1D 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3799.99
    - Maxent MX-42VM11 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1499.99
    - Maxent MX-42XM11 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1899.99
    - Panasonic PT-61LCX65 61-inch widescreen integr. LCD proj. DTV $2699.9=
    - Panasonic TH-37PX50U 37-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2499.99
    - Samsung HLR5067W 50-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $2069.99
    - Samsung LNR268W 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1399.99
    - Samsung LNR328W 32-inch 16:9 LCD TV w/$55RC $1799.99
    - Samsung LNR408D 40-inch 16:9 integrated LCD DTV $3099.99
    - Sharp LC37DB5U 37-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $2299.99
    - Sony KDFE42A10 42-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $1799.99
    - Sony KDLV26XBR1 26-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $1999.99
    - Sony KV32FS120 32-inch 4:3 flat-tube TV $499.99
    - Toshiba 26HF84 26-inch widescreen TV $549.99
    - Toshiba 27HLV95 27-inch widescreen LCD DTV/DVD combo $1699.99
    - Toshiba 30HF85 30-inch 16:9 flat CRT TV $749.99
    - Toshiba 34HF85 34-inch 16:9 CRT TV $949.99
    - Toshiba 46HM95 46-inch 16:9 integr. DLP proj. DTV $1999.99
    - Toshiba 50HP95 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3799.99
    - Toshiba 51HC85 51-inch widescreen projection TV $1169.99
    - Toshiba 52HM95 52-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $2499.99
    - Toshiba 62HM95 62-inch 16:9 integr. DLP proj. DTV $3199.99
    - Westinghouse LTV-27W2 27-inch 16:9 LCD TV $799.99
    - Zenith Z50PX2D 50-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $2999.99
    AS - price after rebate requiring subscription to DirecTV
    RC - price includes "reward certificates" of amount shown
    ST - price includes stand
  - Circuit City (HD IDs only):
    - DirecTV H10/H20 DirecTV/ATSC receiver/decoder $0 AS
    - Hitachi 42HDF52 42-inch 16:9 integr. plasma DTV $2499.99
    - Hitachi 55VF820 55-inch widescreen integrated projection DTV $2564.99
    - InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 projector $999.99 AR
    - LG 50PX4DR 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV/PVR $4499.99
    - Magnavox 15MF605T 15-inch 4:3 LCD TV $289.99
    - Magnavox 17MD255V 17-inch widescreen LCD TV/DVD combo $539.99
    - Panasonic PT44LCX65 44-inch wide integrated LCD proj. DTV $1799.99
    - Panasonic PT61LCX65 61-inch widescreen integr. LCD proj. DTV $2849.99
    - Panasonic TC32LX50 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1699.99
    - Polaroid FLM2011 20-inch LCD TV $474.99
    - Polaroid FLM2601 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $699.99
    - Polaroid FLM3201 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $999.99
    - Samsung HLR4266W 42-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $1709.99
    - Samsung LTP2045 20-inch 4:3 LCD TV $617.99
    - Samsung SPR4232 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $1999.99
    - Samsung TXR3079WH 30-inch 16:9 integrated CRT DTV $849.99
    - Sharp LC26GA5U 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1139.99
    - Sharp XR10X projector $899.99 AR
    - Sony KDFE50A10 50-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2374.99
    - Sony KDLV40XBR1 40-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $3324.99
    - Sony KDSR60XBR1 60-inch widescreen integr. LCD proj. DTV $4749.99
    - Sony KLVS23A10 23-inch widescreen LCD TV $1099.99
    - Sylvania 6842PE 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1399.99
    - Zenith Z50PX2D 50-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $2999.99
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
    AS - price after rebate requiring subscription to DirecTV
  - CompUSA (appropriate disclaimers):
    - HP LC3200N 32-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $1699.99
    - [Optoma] MovieTime DV10 projector w/screen $1299.99
    - Syntax Olevia LT26HVE 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $499.99 AR
    - Syntax Olevia LT37HVS 37-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $1399.99 =
    - ViewSonic N3250W 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $999.99 AR
    - Zenith Z50PX2D 50-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $3199.99 AP
    AP - ambiguous price -- might be $3099.99 -- both listed in same ad
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
  - J&R (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - Philips 42PF7320A 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2399.99
    - Sony KD-30XS955 30-inch 16:9 integrated DTV $699.99
    - Westinghouse LTV-32w1 32-inch widescreen LCD monitor $1049.99
  - J&R (New York Times, no disclaimer):
    - InFocus LP 640 projector $1299.99 AR
    - InFocus ScreenPlay 61 md10 61-inch 16:9 DLP proj. TV w/PIP $2599.99
    - JVC LT-40X776 40-inch wide integr. LCD DTV $2499.99
    - Philips 42PF9630A 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2599.99
    - Samsung HL-R5067W 50-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $1699.99
    - Samsung HL-R5688W 56-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $3499.99
    - Samsung HL-R6767W 67-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $3399.99
    - Samsung HP-R4252 42-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $2399.99
    - Samsung LN-R328W 32-inch 16:9 LCD TV $1399.99
    - Samsung TX-R3079 30-inch 16:9 integrated CRT DTV $699.99
    - Sharp LC-37DB5U 37-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $2199.99
    - Sharp LD-23SH1U 23-inch 16:9 LCD TV $699.99
    - Sony DHG-HDD500 HD PVR $679.99
    - Sony KDF-E42A10 42-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $1599.99
    - Westinghouse LVM-37w1 37-inch widescreen LCD monitor $1499.99
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
  - P.C. Richard & Son (am New York, appropriate disclaimers):
    - Mitsubishi WD52527 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $1999.97
    - Mitsubishi WD52627 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $2999.97
    - Mitsubishi WS55517 55-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $1499.97
    - Sony KDFE55A20 55-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2199.97
    - Sony KLVS23A10 23-inch widescreen LCD TV $899.97
    - Sony KLVS26A10 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1299.97
  - Sixth Avenue Electronics (Record
    - Akai PT5250A 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $888
  - Universal Computers & Electronics (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - Panasonic TH42PE506 42-inch widescreen flat-panel TV $1149
    - Panasonic [?] HPP3298PP 32-inch widescreen flat-panel TV $749
    - Philips 42-inch widescreen TV $1049
    - Samsung 42-inch widescreen TV $899
    - Samsung HLD5020 50-inch TV w/PIP $1029
    - Sony KED4235 42-inch widescreen flat-panel TV $1399
    - Sony KDF55B25 55-inch LCD [projection?] TV $1399

- DVD news:  Again, I haven't yet received post-week-48 figures from CEA.

- In the U.S. TV season that just ended (September 19 to December 18), the =
average American watched four hours and 39 minutes a day, UP from 4:35 last=
 year, according to Nielsen.  The New York Times story on it suggests the i=
ncrease is from news:
     See how important news is?  Better attend the joint ATSC/SBE half-day =
seminar on digital newsgathering on February 21 at ***The Technology Retrea=
t***.  BE THERE!

- In a somewhat related story, Nielsen has released its first figures on PV=
R viewing.  According to this Broadcasting & Cable story, the full text of =
which requires a paid subscription, the increased viewing can be measured i=
n single and double digits.  That's not percentages; it's viewers:

- Upcoming Dates (DTV and non-DTV):
     - January 10, Millennium Maxwell House, Nashville, SBE Nashville Ennes=
 Workshop <http://www.sbe.org/documents/2006NashvilleEnnes.pdf>.
     - January 29-February 1, Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, SMPTE Advanced M=
otion Imaging Conference and VSF VidTrans <http://www.smpte.org/conferences=
     - February 16, BAFTA, London, 3rd European HDTV Summit <http://www.tvc=
     - ***February 21, Rancho Las Palmas Marriott, Rancho Mirage (Palm Spri=
ngs area), California, pre-Technology Retreat seminars <http://www.hpaonlin=
     - ***February 22-24, Rancho Las Palmas Marriott, Rancho Mirage (Palm S=
prings area), California, HPA's 12th-annual Technology Retreat <http://www.=
     - February 26-28, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CableLabs Winter Co=
nference <http://www.cablelabs.com/conferences_public/>.
     - February 27-28, Park Central Hotel, New York, Collaborative Communic=
ations Summit <http://sites.securemc.com/folder4073/>.
     - February 28, Dorchester Hotel, London, Collaborative Conferencing Su=
mmit <http://sites.securemc.com/folder22719/>.
     - March 21-23, Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, DisplaySearch fla=
t-panel display conference <http://www.displaysearch.com/usfpd2006/>.
     - April 6-7, Las Vegas, IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Mult=
imedia Systems and Broadcasting <http://www.ieee.org/organizations/society/=
     - April 9-11, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, the National Sho=
w (NCTA2006) <http://www.thenationalshow.com/?ref=3DnctaMenu>.
     - April 22-27, Las Vegas Convention Center, NAB2006 <http://www.nabsho=
     - April 28-30, Early Television Museum, Hilliard, Ohio, 2006 Early Tel=
evision Convention <http://www.earlytelevision.org/2006_convention.html>.
     - May 20-23, Porte de Versailles, Paris, 120th AES convention <http://=
     - June 7-9, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Infocomm <http:/=
     - June 27-29, Javits Center, New York, Entertainment Technology Allian=
ce <http://www.etaexpo.com/>.

* - new or revised listing


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Phone numbers of some retailers mentioned (the ones starting +1 will work f=
rom outside the United States):
- J&R: +1-212-238-9000, 800-221-8180
- Universal Computers & Electronics: +1-718-784-8000

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