[opendtv] 2006 AVS Forum HDTV reception hardware poll

  • From: Tom Barry <trbarry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 11:11:25 -0400

Each year now since 2002 I've been running a poll in the AV Science HDTV 
hardware forum to see how the members receive their HDTV.  This year I 
actually let the poll run for 90 days to see how much it improved 
turnout (somewhat).  Next year I'll probably go back to about half that.

The possibly surprising biggest winner this year seems to be OTA TV. 
Note the results for both standalone OTA boxes (up 4.58%) plus OTA-only 
integrated TV's (up another .83%).  This appears to have come at the 
expense of mild losses for D* & E*.  And it possibly also is helped by 
the demise of Voom and its removal from this years poll.  Some of those 
Voom boxes may still be in service now as OTA only receivers.

Cable appears to have held mostly steady, gaining only a fraction of a 

See the full poll results at:

That post also contains links to the four previous year's polls.  I'll 
summarize just the last two years below.  Hopefully the various email 
forms won't garble it too much for most readers.

                                    2006             2005
How do your receive HDTV?      Count Percent     Count Percent
---------------------------    -----  ------     -----  ------
A DirectTV box                   131  37.22%        93  39.91%
An Echostar box                   23   6.53%        14   6.01%
A Voom box (2005 poll only)             n/a         11   4.72%
Any other STB (satellite)          5   1.42%         3   1.29%
A Cable HDTV STB                  80  22.73%        52  22.32%
Standalone OTA STB(no cable/sat)  69  19.60%        35  15.02%
TV w/integrated OTA HD receiver   12   3.41%         6   2.58%
TV w/integrated Cable HDTV rec.    8   2.27%              n/a
TV w/integrated Sat. HDTV rec.     2   0.57%              n/a
TV w/integ. Cable or Sat HD (2005)      n/a          6   2.58%
A card in a PC                    16   4.55%        11   4.72%  
Other (HD viewers only)            6   1,70%         2   0.86%

Note some of the poll entries obviously changed between 2005 and 2006. 
I'm limited each year to a max of 10 entries.

Note also the poll results for Standalone OTA use have generally hovered 
in the 15-17% range every year since the 2002 poll, so seems to have 
been a very good year for OTA.  There may be hope yet.

- Tom
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