[opendtv] Re: 20050509 Mark's Monday Memo

  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 10:24:58 -0400

At 9:38 AM -0500 5/20/05, Doug McDonald wrote:
>Of course not. I'm referring to the best displays that display
>720@60p and 1080@30p and 1080@60p. Size is immaterial for
>this purpose, as long as it's reasonable .... at least say 40 inches,
>and more typically 50-90 inches, or larger if the viewing distance
>is larger. We hsould be aiming for the best that can be done within the
>constraints of MPEG-2 and 19.3 mb/sec.

1080@60P is not a legal format for ATSC.

I agree that broadcasters should try to do the Best job they can with 
the tools that they have to work with. But this does not 
automatically mean that they should optimize everything for the best 
consumer displays, which represent a tiny portion of the potential 
DTV market.

HD is an important service, but is only one of the services that can 
be carried via DTV broadcasts, and as Mark and others have pointed 
out, it is not even a requirement.

>I've noticed a substantial loss in quality in many shows
>since I got my TV set. This is usually caused by an intentional
>misfocus so the head at that center of interset is out of focus.

This is not surprising. HD can be TOO good, especially when it comes 
to revealing what people really look like. As I have said many times 
before, most entertainment programming -- including movies - are 
trying to achieve a look, and that look has little to do with high 
resolution. In many cases cinematographers, and now HD videographers, 
work to avoid truly sharp pictures.

And then there is the reality that hardly anyone is using the tools 
to deliver the best quality...Squeeze harder is the driving force in 
a world where quantity trumps quality for the masses.

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