[opendtv] 20050105 Those Thursday Thoughts (Mark's Monday Memo)

  • From: Mark Schubin <tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 23:19:10 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

     Here are some very efficient (low-administrative-cost) relief organiza=
tions (all have four-star ratings from CharityNavigator.org):
     I understand the Red Cross web site is often busy.  Americans may also=
 call 800 HELP NOW (800 435-7669).

- Follow-ups:

     - July 1 error - In the last memo, I listed two ads for a Sony Wega 27=
SF10 27-inch flat-tube TV and said they were both from Universal.  The $219=
 one was actually from CEW.

     - ***The Technology Retreat***, February 21-24 in Rancho Mirage -=20
          - Canon's Larry Thorpe, as most of you know, used to be at Sony, =
where he dealt with various forms of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and the proprietary co=
mpression systems used in Digital Betacam and HDCAM.  Now that he's not at =
Sony, he can also discuss DV-type compression, D-5 HD, and more.  He'll be =
presenting some of this information at the special Thursday lunch seminar o=
n small-format HD, but, if you have questions left over, he'll also be on F=
riday's compression panel.  Regarding compression, everyone knows pre-compr=
ession removal of video noise and film grain makes compression easier, but =
what does it do to the resulting pictures?  Do grain-free film-shot images =
still look like film?  Is there a way to get rid of the grain for compressi=
on and put it back prior to display?  Hear Thomson Research's Jeff Cooper d=
escribe the now-standardized ways of doing just that.  Here's a URL from la=
st year about it:
     By now, you've surely heard about H.264.  Maybe you know about the old=
er H.262.  But H.265?  Come to the compression session and learn about that=
 standard now expected to be released in 2008 and expected to provide anoth=
er 2:1 factor of improvement.
          - We've added one new breakfast roundtable since the last memo, "=
Arriscan Status & Updates," moderated by Darren Jones of ARRI.
          - Assimilate, Metaglue, and Plus8 Digital are joining the other 2=
2 companies, individuals, and organizations demonstrating new technology, a=
pplications, and comparisons in the demo room -- where Panasonic's Varicam =
and Sony's HDCAM SR were introduced in the past.
          - So far, I'm aware of people from 154 organizations that have re=
gistered (and my info's a little out of date), including ABC, the Academy o=
f Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Adobe, AJA, Ascent Media, ATI, AT&T, Auto=
desk, Avid, Azcar, Belden, Boeing, CBS, Cine-tal, Company 3, Compressed New=
s, Cox, Crossroads Films, daVinci, DeLuxe, the Department of Defense, Digit=
al Vision, DirecTV, Discovery, Disney, Dolby, DVS, Edifis, EDnet, EFilm, Ev=
ertz, Exavio, Filmlook, Fletcher Chicago, FotoKem, Fox, Fraunhofer Institut=
, GTN, Handmade Video, Harmonic, Hi-Vision America, Inlet Technologies, In-=
Three, Iowa Interactive, Iridas, IVC, JVC, KCOP, KTTV, Lab Tech Systems, La=
nterna Magica, Laser Pacific, Linear Acoustic, Lockheed Martin, Maryland Pu=
blic Television, MESoft, Metropolitan Opera, Microsoft, Modern VideoFilm, M=
odulation Sciences, MPAA, MTI Film, MTV, NAB, NBC, Neural Audio, Nucoda, NV=
ision, Olympus, Omneon, Pacific Title, Panasonic, Paramount, PBS, Pixar, Pr=
oduction Masters, Quantel, Ratheon, Ross Video, Sandia National Laboratorie=
s, SBE, SeaChange, Sharp, Sinclair Broadcast, SMPTE, Snell & Wilcox, Sohone=
t, Sonic Solutions, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Sprint Nextel, Stargat=
e Films, Starz, State Farm Insurance, Sunset Digital, Tandberg Television, =
Teranex, Texas Instruments, Thales, Thomson, THX, Twin Cities Public Televi=
sion, Universal Pictures, UPN, Warner Bros., the WB, Woods Hole Oceanograph=
ic Institution, and Xytec Systems.
     That's not counting the academics from Brooklyn College, the City Univ=
ersity of New York, Johns Hopkins University, Ryerson University, Stanford =
University, the University of California - San Diego, the University of Ill=
inois - Chicago, and the University of Southern California.
     What do they know that you don't?  Better find out!  BE THERE!
     Note to press:  I think Thomson will be having a media event in the ar=
ea after the retreat.  Book your travel accordingly.

     - U.S. analog cutoff and the cable-delivery problem -=20
          - Here's a story in Multichannel News free even to non-subscriber=
          - A report on the AV Science Forum says LG plans to release a $50=
 set-top box using 5th-generation technology in about a year:
     By the way, the bill carrying the hard cutoff date has yet to pass Con=
gress (due to differences between the two houses not related to the analog =
cut-off provisions).

     - VOD and mobile devices -=20
          - Here's an overview:
          - Both RCA's Lyra X3000 and a new Humax portable media player (PM=
P) are designed to work with DirecTV2Go.  The RCA unit has a 3.6-inch scree=
n that seems to be 4:3; the Humax has a 4-inch wide-aspect-ratio screen.  R=
CA's will store up to 40 feature-length movies.  The first URL is for the R=
CA unit, the second for the Humax:
     This related story says Humax is also coming out with a line of LCD TV=
s with integrated DirecTV reception:
          - This free-to-non-subscribers story from Broadcasting & Cable lo=
oks at the business.  Most of Apple's iTunes video downloads are said to be=
 music videos rather than TV shows.  The story cites a study from M:Metrics=
 saying that only 1% of mobile subscribers accessed video in September, but=
 it also gives a figure of 600 million cell phones; 1% of that seems likie =
a lot to me:
          - DirecTV's VOD deal with Fox will allow subscribers to get FX pr=
ogramming BEFORE it appears on the channel:
          - EE Times says the Wall Street Journal reports that Google will =
offer pay-VOD as part of its Google Pack software:
          - Crown Castle's new DVB-H TV service Modeo just made headlines:
     This one's from EE Times:
     Want to know more about it?  While the media just picked up on it, the=
re's been a session scheduled on it at ***The Technology Retreat*** for mon=
ths.  BE THERE!
          - As long as there will be TV going to mobile devices, how about =
TV Guide Mobile?
          - LG and Samsung are dealing with DVB-H and MediaFLO:
          - Starz is offering a library of downloads for Microsoft:
     Starz will be represented at ***The Technology Retreat***; how about y=
ou?  BE THERE!

     - Consumer-electronics connections - There have been advances in HDMI,=
 including a new smaller connector:

     - USDTV - Their fourth market is Norfolk:

     - Satellite HDTV -
          - This story is about local DTT stations:
          - These are about DISH and Voom, the former said to now have more=
 than 25 national HD channels:

     - Next-generation consumer disks -
          - Although there are still licensing issues, both the Blu-ray and=
 HD DVD camps announced hardware and software.  The entry-level HD DVD play=
er is to cost just $499:
          - InPhase is delivering holographic disks for the consumer market=
     Want to know more about next-generation disk issues?  Come hear the on=
es who literally wrote the book, DVD Demystified, at ***The Technology Retr=
eat***.  BE THERE!

     - IPTV - Here's an overview from a consumer-electronics perspective:
     For the telephone company perspective, come to the Telco TV session at=
 ***The Technology Retreat***.  Yes, ***The Technology Retreat***:

     - July 1 -=20
          - When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said they want=
ed to accelerate the DTT-reception mandate, consumer-electronics interests =
opposed the move.  Now that it's happened, there's this headline: "Televisi=
on Manufacturers Welcome Adjusted DTV Tuner Mandate":
          - This week I've listed 107 ads for TVs 36-inch or larger.  Of th=
ose, 74 (69%) have integrated DTT-reception capability.  As of July 1, 100%=
 of those manufactured in or imported to the U.S. and equipped with tuners =
were supposed to have integrated DTT-reception capability.  I've also liste=
d 56 ads for TVs between 25- and 35-inch.  Of those, 10 (18%) have integrat=
ed DTT-reception capability.  As of July 1, 50% of those manufactured in or=
 imported to the U.S. and equipped with tuners were supposed to have integr=
ated DTT-reception capability.
          - See also the ads section for inexpensive non-integrated sets th=
at are HD and/or widescreen.
       - TV sets that required DTT-reception circuitry starting 2004:
         - Sony 36S45 36-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $289
         - Sony Wega 36FS10 36-inch flat-tube TV @ Universal $459
         - Sony Wega 36SF10 36-inch flat-tube TV @ CEW 549
         - Toshiba 36E60 36-inch TV w/PIP @ CEW $269
         - Toshiba 36H45 36-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $259
         - Toshiba 50A60 50-inch projection TV w/PIP @ CEW $449
         - Toshiba Da50 50-inch projection TV w/PIP @ Universal $409 DV
         - Sony 53S65 53-inch projection TV w/PIP @ Universal $479
         - Sony KP53WS 53-inch projection TV w/PIP @ CEW $498
         - RCA ZA61W20 61-inch projection TV w/PIP @ CEW $649
         - Sony 65S75 65-inch projection TV w/PIP @ Universal $749
         - Sony KP65WS 65-inch projection TV w/PIP @ CEW $749
         DV - price includes DVD player
       - TV sets that required DTT-reception circuitry starting 2005:
         - Insignia ISTV040924 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Best Buy $219.99
         - Jensen TS2750J 27-inch TV @ Circuit City $179.99
         - Panasonic 27H45 27-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $109
         - Panasonic CT27SL15 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Circuit City $309.99
         - Sharp 27C241 27-inch TV @ Best Buy $164.99
         - Sony 27S45 27-inch TV w/PIP @ CEW $129
         - Sony 27S45 27-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $129
         - Sony Wega 27FS10 27-inch flat-tube TV @ Universal $189
         - Sony Wega 27SF10 27-inch flat-tube TV @ CEW $219
         - Sony Wega KV27FS120 27-inch flat-tube TV @ P.C. Richard $288.97
         - Sylvania 6427TFY 27-inch TV @ Sears $159.99
         - JVC AV32WF36 32-inch flat-tube TV @ Best Buy $449.99
         - RCA 32V432T 32-inch TV @ Wal-Mart $247
         - RCA 32V520T 32-inch TV @ Circuit City $287.99
         - Sanyo DS32225 32-inch TV @ Wal-Mart $247
         - Sony 32S45 32-inch TV w/PIP @ CEW $219
         - Sony 32S45 32-inch TV w/PIP @ Universal $189
         - Sony KV32FS120 32-inch flat-tube TV @ Circuit City $522.99
         - Sony Wega 32FS10 32-inch flat-tube TV @ Universal $309
         - Sony Wega 32SF10 32-inch flat-tube TV @ CEW $349
         - Sony Wega KV32FS120 32-inch flat-tube TV @ P.C. Richard $499.97
         - Sony 35S45 35-inch TV w/PIP @ CEW $299
       - Devices that would require DTT-reception circuitry in 2007:
         - Konka 13-inch TV @ Universal $45
         - Sansui TVM1316 13-inch TV @ CEW $49
         - Symphonic ST413E 13-inch TV @ Circuit City $59.99
         - Konka 19-inch TV @ Universal $59
         - Sansui TVM1916 19-inch TV @ CEW $59
         - Sylvania 19-inch TV @ Kmart $97
         - Toshiba 19A24/25 19-inch TV @ Best Buy $99.99
         - "Famous Makers" VCR @ Universal $22
         - "Famous Makers" DVD/VCR combo @ Universal $44
         - Philips DVP3050V DVD/VCR combo @ Circuit City $89.99
         - CyberHome DVD recorder @ Circuit City $87.99
         - Mystery brand DVR1600 DVD recorder @ CompUSA $99
         - Panasonic DMRES20S DVD recorder @ Circuit City $179.99
         - Panasonic DMRES20S DVD recorder @ Sears $179.99
         - Presidian PDR-3222 DVD recorder @ Radio Shack $89.99 AR
         - Sansui VCR/DVD recorder combo @ Universal $79
         - Samsung DVDVR320 VCR/DVD recorder combo @ Best Buy $199.99 AR XM
         - Sony RDRVX515 VCR/DVD recorder combo @ P.C. Richard $299.97
         - Toshiba D-R4 DVD recorder @ Best Buy w/$30GC $179.99 BS
         - TruTech TT1620 DVD recorder @ Target $89.99
         - Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 MCE TV tuner pkg. @ CompUSA $99.99
         - HP M7260N computer w/TV tuner pkg. @ CompUSA $1199.98 AR
         - HP ZD8230US computer w/TV tuner @ CompUSA $2049.99 AR
         - Sony computer w/TV tuner @ CEW $699
         - Sony computer w/TV tuner @ Universal $699=20
         AR - price after mail-in rebate
         BS - price "before savings"
         GC - price includes gift card of amount shown
         XM - price includes ten-pack of blank media
       - Devices that would require dual DTT-reception circuitry in 2007:
         - Magnavox MC4304 20-inch flat-tube TV/DVD/VCR @ Target $249.99
         - Sylvania 6719DF 19-inch TV/DVD/VCR combo @ Best Buy $199.99
         - Toshiba MW20F51 20-inch flat-tube TV/DVD/VCR @ Sears $284.99
       - Devices possibly not covered but receiving analog TV signals:
         - eton FR300 AM/FM/TV/weather/light/siren/crank/charger @ J&R $49.=
          Best Buy also advertised an RF modulator for $21.99.
          - Readers have asked how to get hold of some of the non-national =
retailers, so look for their phone numbers at the bottom of the memo.

     - May 1 - None of the lists I check have been updated since the last m=
emo.  The FCC lists haven't been updated since November 15.

- What year is it?  According to this headline, which might cause a sense o=
f deja vu, "2006 is the Year of DTV":

- International H/DTV news:=20

     - According to this story in advanced-television.com, Spain takes the =
prize for fastest DTT penetration, zero to 4.7% (a million) in two months:

     - According to Interactive Investor, France's President Jacques Chirac=
 says broadcast & communications legislation will be modified to allow anal=
og cutoff in five years:

     - Japan is introducing the concept of the all-channel recorder, a PVR =
that captures everything on all channels, allowing the user to decide what =
to watch after it's been transmitted.  Terabytes of storage are required, a=
s well as advanced compression:

     - Here's an overview of digital cable in Australia:

- I thought it was impressive that an HDV camcorder was advertised for unde=
r $1600 recently, but Sanyo's Xacti HD1, recording HD to SD memory cards us=
ing advanced compression, is to be available in March for a manufacturer's =
suggested retail price of $799.99:

- Mike Vitelli, senior vp of Best Buy whom many of you may recall from his =
days at Sony, says the high prices of HDTVs can lead to "buyer's remorse," =
in turn leading to "notably higher" returns than for ordinary TVs:

- Here's a recent overview of digital rights management:

- Today's New York Times discusses calibration of TVs at home:

- The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas:

     - Here is the opening speech of Microsoft's Bill Gates, which refers t=
o, among other things, TV and audio/video aspects of their new Vista operat=
ing system, to be released by year end:

     - Warren Communications News says Toshiba is expected to sell a 55-inc=
h SED set later this year for about $10,000.  The story will be on their si=
te until tomorrow morning:

     - Panasonic now has the world's largest plasma TV at 103 inches:

     - Here's an overview of tapeless camcorders:

     - These next three are reports from the show:

     - TWICE has MANY stories from the show.  You can start on this page.  =
Don't forget to click on the "Video" page to the left, too.  Registration, =
but no fee, is required:

- I have not yet received any sales data from the Consumer Electronics Asso=
ciation (CEA) past week 48, but I HAVE received their year-end consensus re=
port.  In this first list, the first figure in each column is unit sales to=
 dealers in thousands (except blank videocassettes, which are in millions),=
 and the second figure is the average wholesale price.  The 2004 figures ar=
e actual; the 2005 figures are estimates, but they're usually pretty close:
                                                     2005          2004
   - Analog direct view (non-LCD, non-combo)    17,403 $ 157  19,934 $ 177 =
   - Analog projection                              20 $ 750      97 $ 876
   - Monochrome (non-LCD)                          125 $  33     150 $  35
   - Combo (TV/VCR, TV/DVD, TV/DVD/VCR) A & D    4,569 $ 343   3,643 $ 238
   - VCR                                         1,301 $  24   2,267 $  38
   - Total digital TV                           12,333 $1410   8,287 $1257
   - Digital direct-view receivers               1,287 $ 600     974 $ 747
   - Digital projection TV                       3,119 $1458   3,510 $1579
   - Plasma                                      1,959 $2048     870 $2698
   - LCD analog and digital                      4,026 $ 818   1,842 $ 857
   - DVD players and recorders (incl. portable) 15,255 $ 110  19,990 $ 109
   - DVD recorders (included above)                863 $ 187     802 $ 271
   - Total set-top boxes (DBS, DTT, DVR/PVR)    18,169 $ 131  17,577 $ 134
   - DBS receivers                              14,213 $  96  16,880 $ 112
   - PVRs (dealer sales only, not MSOs)          2,922 $ 246   1,647 $ 279
   - Set-top Internet access boxes                 150 $  95     285 $ 110
   - Home theater sound systems                  3,617 $ 192   4,702 $ 198
   - Wireless (mobile) phones                  104,500 $ 130  84,586 $ 130
   - Blank videocassettes                         302M $   1    325M $   1
     Given that the bulk of the TV combos are analog, it would seem that ev=
en everything CEA calls a "digital TV" accounted for about 36% of sales to =
dealers in 2005.
     This next list is household penetration figures.  They used to be base=
d on a telephone survey, but, when more people said they had digital televi=
sion than the number that had been manufactured, CEA extrapolated that figu=
re from the dealer sales.  CEA still says 85% of "DTV" is HDTV, and others =
says about half of HDTVs have any way of getting HDTV signals (via broadcas=
t, cable, or satellite).  Here are some of the CEA household penetration fi=
gures for the beginning of this year.  I call your attention to the penetra=
tion figure for mobile phones; compare it to the extraordinary sales to dea=
lers listed above.  Penetration takes time:
     - TV/radio/color TV        98%
     - VCR                      90%
     - DVD                      82%
     - Stereo TV                76%
     - Modems                   75%
     - Wireless [mobile] phone  73%
     - Camcorder                55%
     - Home theater sound       36%
     - TV/VCR combo             35%
     - DTH satellite            31%
     - Monochrome TV            29%
     - Projection TV            23%
     - LCD TV                   22%
     - "DTV"                    20%
     - PVR                      11%

- iSuppli figures for unit shipments for "North America" (the U.S. and Cana=
da) are somewhat different (in thousands):
                            2005      2004
     - Plasma               1588       754
     - LCD                  5635      2754
     - All integrated DTT   6372      4065
     - All "digital-ready"  6088      3604
     There are many more figures, isolating the different display technolog=
ies, in the story:

- CEA's penetration figures say there are "DTVs" in 20% of U.S. households =
and 85% of those are HDTV, which would be 17% or about 19 million, but Broa=
dcasting & Cable says there are "12 million HDTVs now in U.S. homes."  The =
full story requires a paid subscription:

- Ads for set-top DTT receivers:  I'm aware of only the DirecTV units at Be=
st Buy, Circuit City, and Video & Audio Center and the Sony PVRs at J&R.

- Ad confusions:  Best Buy again called their [Konka] KLC-1508U 1024 x 768 =
LCD TV an "EDTV."  Circuit City showed the Sharp LC20SH4U and Sylvania 6620=
LDF EDTVs with big Discovery HD logos on their screens.

- The ads - Readers have asked how to get hold of some of the non-national =
retailers, so look for their phone numbers at the bottom of the memo.
     Radio Shack advertised a $29.99 analog RF modulator.  Circuit City had=
 the 5.1-channel, DVD-player-equipped, AM/FM Nexxtech DR30G0 home-theater s=
ound system for $59.99.
     FYI, next week's memo will likely be missing Los Angeles and Twin Citi=
es ads.
  - Bang & Olufsen (New York Times, no disclaimer):
    - Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 5 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $19,900
  - Best Buy (HD disclaimers only):
    - DirecTV H20 DirecTV/ATSC receiver/decoder $0 AS
    - JVC HD52G786/BP6 52-inch wide integr. D-ILA proj. DTV $2499.99
    - JVC HD56G786/BP6 56-inch wide integr. D-ILA proj. DTV $2999.99
    - LG 50PX4DR 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV/PVR $4499.99
    - Maxent MX-42VM11 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1499.99
    - Maxent MX-42XM11 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1799.99
    - Mystery brand [Konka?] KLC-1508U 15-inch LCD TV $219.99
    - Panasonic TH-42PD50U 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $1999.99
    - Philips 30PW9100D/37 30-inch 16:9 integrated CRT DTV
    - Philips 37PF7320A/37 37-inch 16:9 integrated LCD DTV $2299.99
    - Philips 42PF9630A/37 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2799.99
    - Samsung HLR4266W 42-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $1799.99
    - Samsung HLR5667W 56-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $2699.99
    - Sony KDFE50A10 50-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2249.99
    - Sony KLVS23A10 23-inch widescreen LCD TV $1199.99
    - Sony KLVS32A10 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1999.99
    - Toshiba 32HL95 32-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $1899.99
    - Toshiba 51HC85 51-inch widescreen projection TV $1169.99
    - Toshiba 62HM95 62-inch 16:9 integr. DLP proj. DTV $2879.99
    - Zenith Z23LZ5R 23-inch widescreen LCD TV $799.99
    AS - price after rebate requiring DirecTV subscription
  - Circuit City (HD IDs only):
    - DirecTV H10/H20 DirecTV/ATSC receiver/decoder $0 AS
    - Hitachi 57F710A 57-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $1424.99
    - LG 23LX1RV 23-inch widescreen LCD/DVD combo $999.99
    - LG 50PX1D 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3599.99
    - Magnavox 32MF605W 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1099.99
    - Panasonic TC26LX50 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1234.99
    - Panasonic TC32LX50 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1799.99
    - Polaroid FLM1511 15-inch LCD TV $279.99
    - Polaroid FLM2601 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $699.99
    - RCA HD52W59 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $999.99
    - Samsung HLR5667W 56-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $2849.99
    - Samsung HPR4252 42-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $2699.99
    - Samsung LNR238W 23-inch 16:9 LCD TV $899.99
    - Samsung TXR2779H 27-inch 4:3 integrated CRT DTV $549.99
    - Sharp LC20SH4U 13-inch 4:3 LCD TV $474.99
    - Sony KDFE42A10 42-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $1899.99
    - Sony KDSR50XBR1 50-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $3799.99
    - Sony KLVS26A10 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1424.99
    - Sony KLVS32A10 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1799.99
    - Sylvania 6620LDF 20-inch LCD TV/DVD combo $449.99
    - Sylvania 6842PE 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1299.99
    - Zenith Z50PX2D 50-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $2999.99
    AS - price after rebate requiring DirecTV subscription
  - CompUSA (appropriate disclaimer):
    - HP 42-inch integrated plasma DTV $3299.99
    - Sharp LC26GA5U 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $999.99
    - Syntax Olevia 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $499.99
    - ViewSonic N3250W 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1099.99
    - Zenith Z42PX2D 42-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $1899.99 HT
    HT - price includes home-theater sound system and mounting bracket
  - CompUSA w/Good Guys inside (Los Angeles Times, appropriate disclaimer):
    - HP PL4200N 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma TV $3298
    - JVC HD56G886 56-inch widescreen integrated D-ILA projection DTV $3099
    - JVC HD70FH96 70-inch widescreen integrated D-ILA projection DTV $5999
    - LG 50PX4DR 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV/PVR $4999
    - Mitsubishi WD-52727 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $2499
    - Panasonic TH-42PD50U 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $1999
    - Samsung HLR6178W 61-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $4499
    - Sharp LC45GD5U 45-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $5999
    - Sony KDFE-42A10 42-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $1699
    - Zenith Z42PX2D 42-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $1798 HT
    HT - price includes home-theater sound system and mounting bracket
  - Computers & Electronics Warehouse (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - Panasonic TC20LA5 20-inch LCD TV $379
    - Panasonic TC42LA5 [?] 42-inch widescreen TV $1199
    - Philips PH42W [?] 42-inch widescreen TV $999
    - Samsung SPM4215 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1099
  - Dell (New York Times, no disclaimer):
    - Dell W2600 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1199
  - J&R (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - HP Z555 digital entertainment center w/ATSC reception $999.99
    - Pioneer PDP-42A3HD 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2399.99
    - Pioneer PDP-5050HD 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $4499.99
    - Samsung HL-R6768W 67-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $3999.99
    - Sharp LD-23SH1U 23-inch 16:9 LCD TV $749.99
    - Westinghouse LTV-27w2 27-inch 16:9 LCD monitor $699.99
    - Westinghouse LVM-37w1 37-inch widescreen LCD monitor $1499.99
  - J&R (New York Times, no disclaimer):
    - InFocus ScreenPlay 61 md10 61-inch 16:9 DLP proj. TV w/PIP $2599.99
    - Panasonic TC-26LX50 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1049.99
    - Samsung HL-R4266W 42-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $1399.99
    - Samsung LN-R328W 32-inch 16:9 LCD TV $1399.99
    - Sharp LD-23SH1U 23-inch 16:9 LCD TV $699.99
    - Sony DHG-HDD250 HD PVR $549.99
    - Sony DHG-HDD500 HD PVR $679.99
    - Sony KD-30XS955 30-inch 16:9 integrated DTV $699.99
    - Sony KDF-E55A20 55-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2199.99
    - ViewSonic N3250W 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $799.99 AR
    - Westinghouse LVM-37w1 37-inch widescreen LCD monitor $1499.99
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
  - J&R (Village Voice, no disclaimer):
    - HP Z557 digital entertainment center w/ATSC reception $1399.99
    - Westinghouse LTV-27w2 27-inch 16:9 LCD TV $699.99
    - Westinghouse LTV-32w1 32-inch 16:9 LCD TV $1199.99
  - Ken Crane's (Los Angeles Times, no disclaimer):
    - HP PL4200N 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma TV $3198 BS IT
    - LG 26LX2D 26-inch 16:9 integrated LCD DTV $1598 BS IT
    - LG 15LA6R 15-inch widescreen LCD TV $498 BS IT
    - LG 32PD1D 32-inch widescreen integrated LCD [?] DTV $2598 BS IT
    - LG 37PL1D 37-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $3498 BS IT
    - LG 42PX5D 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3498 BS IT
    - LG 42PX12D 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2798 BS IT
    - LG 50PX1D 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3798 BS IT
    - LG 50PX5D 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $4498 BS IT
    - Panasonic TH-42PD50U 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $1998 BS IT
    - Panasonic TH-50PX50U 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2998 BS IT
    - Panasonic TH-500PX50U 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3498 BS IT
    - Sony KDF-E50A10 50-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2398 BS I=
    - Sony KDFE55A20 55-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2798 BS IT
    - Sony KDFE60A20 60-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $3298 BS IT
    - Sony KLV-S32A10 32-inch widescreen LCD TV $1998 IT
    - Zenith Z42PX2D 42-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $1798 BS IT
    BS - price "before savings"
    IT - price includes 8.75% sales tax
  - P.C. Richard & Son (am New York, appropriate disclaimers):
    - Mitsubishi WD52527 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $1999.97
    - Mitsubishi WD52627 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $2999.97
    - Mitsubishi WS55517 55-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $1499.97
    - Sony KDFE55A20 55-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2199.97
    - Sony KLVS23A10 23-inch widescreen LCD TV $899.97
    - Sony KLVS26A10 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1299.97
  - Sears (Minneapolis Star Tribune, HD disclaimers only):
    - Panasonic TH42PD50 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $1799.99
    - Samsung LN-R328W 32-inch 16:9 LCD TV $1619.99
    - Sharp LC37D4U 37-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $2529.99
    - Sony KD36FS130 36-inch 4:3 integrated DTV $854.99
    - Sony KDF-E50A10 50-inch wide integrated LCD projection DTV $2249.99
    - Toshiba 27HL85 27-inch widescreen LCD TV $1169.99
  - Ultimate Electronics (Minneapolis Star Tribune, appropriate disclaimers=
    - JVC LT40X776 40-inch wide integr. LCD DTV $2969.95
    - LG 23LX1RV 23-inch widescreen LCD/DVD combo $1099.95 BS
    - LG 32LX1D 32-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $1799.95
    - LG 50PX1D 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $3419.95
    - Mitsubishi WD52627 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $3149.95
    - Mitsubishi WD62627 62-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $3779.95
    - Panasonic TC19LX50 19-inch 16:9 LCD TV $749.95
    - Philips 42PF7320A 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2249.95
    - Samsung HLR5067W 50-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $2249.95
    - Samsung HLR5688W 56-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $4049.95 =
    - Samsung HLR6178W 61-inch 16:9 integrated DLP projection DTV $4049.95 =
    - Samsung LNR329D 32-inch 16:9 integrated LCD DTV $1799.95 DN
    - Samsung LNR409D 40-inch 16:9 integrated LCD DTV $3059.95 DN
    - Sharp LC26D6U 26-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $1479.95
    - Sharp LC45GD7U 45-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $4499.95
    - Sony KDE42XS955 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2999.95
    - Sony KLVS26A10 26-inch 16:9 LCD TV $1499.95
    - Sylvania 6842 42-inch widescreen plasma TV $1298.95
    - Toshiba 20HLV85 20-inch widescreen LCD/DVD combo $899.95 BS
    - Toshiba 32HLX95 32-inch wide integrated LCD DTV/DVD combo $2249.95
    - Toshiba 42DPC85 42-inch 16:9 plasma monitor $1799.95
    - Toshiba 46HM95 46-inch 16:9 integr. DLP proj. DTV $1799.95
    - Toshiba 50HPX95 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $4049.95
    - Zenith Z15LA7R 15-inch 4:3 LCD TV $349.95
    - Zenith Z42PX2DH 42-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $1709.95
    - Zenith Z50PX2D 50-inch widescreen integrated plasma DTV $2949.95 AR
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
    BS - price "before savings"
    DN - price includes DVD recorder and NFL Super Bowl DVD
  - Universal Computers & Electronics (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - Panasonic TH42PE506 42-inch widescreen flat-panel TV $1149
    - Panasonic [?] HPP3298PP 32-inch widescreen flat-panel TV $749
    - Philips 42-inch widescreen TV $1049
    - Samsung 42-inch widescreen TV $899
    - Samsung HLD5020 50-inch TV w/PIP $1029
    - Sony KED4235 42-inch widescreen flat-panel TV $1399
    - Sony KDF55B25 55-inch LCD [projection?] TV $1399
  - Video & Audio Center (Los Angeles Times, no disclaimer):
    - DirecTV HR10-250 ATSC/DirecTV receiver/PVR $399 AR
    - Fujitsu P50XHA40US 50-inch 16:9 plasma TV %5997 IT
    - Mitsubishi WD73727 73-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $5497 IT
    - Pioneer PRO1130HD 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $6497 IT
    - Sharp LC32DA5U 32-inch LCD TV $1597 IT
    - Sony KDLV40XBR1 40-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $3497 IT
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
    IT - price includes 8.75% sales tax
  - Wal-Mart (Minneapolis Star Tribune, no disclaimer):
    - ilo ILO-2600 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $696

- Tech-Notes number 133 has come out:

- DVD news:

     - Again, CEA has not yet released dealer sales data beyond week 48 of =

     - Circuit City advertised 25-packs of DVD-R or DVD+R blank media this =
week for $7.99.

-DISH passed 12 million subscribers in December:

- Are you impressed by Sanyo's $799 HD camcorder?  Well, how do you feel ab=
out an under-$30 standard-definition camcorder from Pure Digital Technologi=
es, currently available at more than 6000 CVS and Rite Aid stores nationwid=
e?  The catch is that you're supposed to return it to the pharmacy and come=
 back later to pick up a DVD:

- Upcoming Dates (DTV and non-DTV):
     - Through January 8, Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show <http://www.=
     - *January 10, Millennium Maxwell House, Nashville, SBE Nashville Enne=
s Workshop <http://www.sbe.org/documents/2006NashvilleEnnes.pdf>.
     - January 29-February 1, Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, SMPTE Advanced M=
otion Imaging Conference and VSF VidTrans <http://www.smpte.org/conferences=
     - *February 16, BAFTA, London, 3rd European HDTV Summit <http://www.tv=
     - ***February 21, Rancho Las Palmas Marriott, Rancho Mirage (Palm Spri=
ngs area), California, pre-Technology Retreat seminars <http://www.hpaonlin=
     - ***February 22-24, Rancho Las Palmas Marriott, Rancho Mirage (Palm S=
prings area), California, HPA's 12th-annual Technology Retreat <http://www.=
     - *February 26-28, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CableLabs Winter C=
onference <http://www.cablelabs.com/conferences_public/>.
     - February 27-28, Park Central Hotel, New York, Collaborative Communic=
ations Summit <http://sites.securemc.com/folder4073/>.
     - February 28, Dorchester Hotel, London, Collaborative Conferencing Su=
mmit <http://sites.securemc.com/folder22719/>.
     - March 21-23, Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, DisplaySearch fla=
t-panel display conference <http://www.displaysearch.com/usfpd2006/>.
     - April 6-7, Las Vegas, IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Mult=
imedia Systems and Broadcasting <http://www.ieee.org/organizations/society/=
     - *April 9-11, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, the National Sh=
ow (NCTA2006) <http://www.thenationalshow.com/?ref=3DnctaMenu>.
     - *April 22-27, Las Vegas Convention Center, NAB2006 <http://www.nabsh=
     - *April 28-30, Early Television Museum, Hilliard, Ohio, 2006 Early Te=
levision Convention <http://www.earlytelevision.org/2006_convention.html>.
     - *May 20-23, Porte de Versailles, Paris, 120th AES convention <http:/=
     - June 7-9, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Infocomm <http:/=
     - June 27-29, Javits Center, New York, Entertainment Technology Allian=
ce <http://www.etaexpo.com/>.

* - new or revised listing

Phone numbers of some retailers mentioned (the ones starting +1 will work f=
rom outside the United States):
- Computers & Electronics Warehouse: +1-718-205-2288
- J&R: +1-212-238-9000, 800-221-8180
- Universal Computers & Electronics: +1-718-784-8000


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     The memo was started around 1997 as a way of generating traffic for an=
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- Who am I?  I'm an engineering consultant working in television and relate=
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76 and currently also write the "Final Thoughts" column in Television Broad=
cast magazine.  I have worked on many HDTV shows, including the first regul=
arly scheduled one in Japan in 1989.  I first panned an 1125 (total) line H=
DTV camera in 1973.  I have served on the ATSC Implementation Subcommittee =
and T3/S6 working group.  I've also served on standardization committees of=
 the IEEE, SMPTE, and the Exchange Carriers Standards Association.
     None of the above prevents me from being human and making mistakes.  A=
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- Why all the stuff about ***The Technology Retreat*** (in memos between ro=
ughly September and February)?  I work on the program for the retreat, so I=
 shamelessly promote it.  It's an outstanding event -- the only one I know =
of that intentionally tries to bring together ALL aspects of the television=
, video, and electronic-imaging fields, from military surveillance to foren=
sic analysis, from cinematographers to consumer-electronics manufacturers, =
from chip makers to digital-cinema theaters, from Hollywood studios to non-=
commercial broadcasters, from accessible-media specialists to retailers:

- What do I mean by "May 1," "July 1," and the like?  See the glossary belo=

- Glossary:

     - 1.33:1 - Aspect ratio of ordinary television, also called 4:3

     - 1.78:1 - Aspect ratio standard for widescreen television, also calle=
d 16:9

     - 3:1:1 - A way to describe the form of HDTV recorded by HDCAM: 3/4 of=
 the number of active luma samples per line (1440 instead of 1920) and one-=
third as many active color samples per line (480), with color samples on ea=
ch line

     - 4:1:1 - A way to describe the form of SDTV recorded by professional =
DV-based recorders (and U.S.-type consumer ones): 720 active luma samples p=
er line and 180 for color, with color samples on each line

     - 4:2:0 - A way to describe the form of SDTV or HDTV typically compres=
sed by MPEG: 720 or 704 (SDTV) or 1920 (HDTV) active luma samples per line,=
 half as many for color, and half the number of samples vertically as there=
 are active scanning lines

     - 4:2:2 - A way to describe the form of SDTV or HDTV typically used in=
 studios: 720 or 704 (SDTV) or 1920 (HDTV) active luma samples per line, ha=
lf as many for color, with color samples on each line

     - 4:3 - Aspect ratio of ordinary television, 1.33:1

     - 5C - A five-company-proposed content-protection system, DTCP

     - 8-VSB - Eight-level vestigial sideband, the form of modulation used =
in ATSC digital television

     - 16:9 - Aspect ratio of HDTV, 1.78:1

     - 16-QAM - 16-point quadrature amplitude modulation, used in some COFD=

     - 16-VSB - 16-level vestigial sideband, a form of modulation developed=
 for (but not used by) cable television

     - 24p - 24 frames per second, progressively scanned, used with the int=
ention of transfer to film or for a more film-like look

     - 64-QAM - 64-point quadrature amplitude modulation, used in digital c=
able and some COFDM

     - 100 Hz - A form of enhanced display offering 100 images per second i=
nstead of 50, raising the rate above the flicker threshold even for large, =
bright screens

     - 256-QAM - 256-point quadrature amplitude modulation, used in digital=

     - 352 - Number of active samples per line in half-resolution images so=
metimes used on cable or satellite

     - 480 - Nominal number of active scanning lines in an NTSC picture (48=
3.5 in the original standard)

     - 480i - 480 active lines interlaced (525 total), nominal ordinary NTS=
C television or digital SDTV

     - 480p - 480 active lines progressively scanned, typically called EDTV

     - 525 - Number of total scanning lines associated with 480 active

     - 544 - Number of active samples in 3/4-resolution images sometimes us=
ed on cable or satellite

     - 576 - Nominal number of active lines for ordinary analog television =
in 25-frame-per-second countries

     - 601 - See BT.601

     - 625 - Number of total lines associated with 576 active

     - 700 MHz - A range of UHF frequencies used by some television channel=
s in the U.S. as this is written and desired for public-safety communicatio=

     - 704 - Maximum number of active samples per line allowed in SDTV in t=
he ATSC DTT standard intended for the U.S. (A/53)

     - 720h - Number of active samples per line in digital SDTV (the "h" is=
 to distinguish it from 720-line systems)

     - 720p - Form of HDTV with 1280 active pixels by 720 active lines (750=
 total), progressively scanned

     - 750 - Number of total lines associated with 720 active

     - 1035i - Older form of HDTV with 1035 active lines (1125 total), inte=

     - 1080i - Form of HDTV with 1920 active pixels by 1080 active lines
(1250 or 1125 total), interlaced

     - 1080p - Like 1080i but progressively scanned

     - 1125 - Number of total lines usually associated with 1035 or 1080 ac=
tive (or even the older 1045 and 1052 active)

     - 1152 - Nominal number of active lines proposed for 1250-total line H=
DTV systems

     - 1250 - Number of total lines for older 1152-active systems, sometime=
s used with 1080-active systems to make them 625 friendly

     - 1280 - Number of active samples per line specified for 720p HDTV

     - 1394 - IEEE-1394, a standard for data interconnection, sometimes cal=
led Firewire or i.Link, used for compressed video

     - 1920 - Number of active samples per line specified in some 1035- and=
 1080-active-line HDTV standards

     - A/53 - The ATSC DTT standard intended for the U.S.  This URL is for =
the latest version as this glossary is being written:

     - A/54 - Guide to the ATSC U.S. DTT standard:

     - A/63 - The ATSC DTT standard intended for countries with 25-frame-pe=
r-second television.  It allows 720 active pixels per line in SDTV:

     - AC-3 - The audio bit-rate reduction system used in U.S. DTT

     - Active - Picture-carrying

     - Ads - These are only newspaper ads.  I see the ones in the New York =
Times and some other New York newspapers (and others when I travel) myself.=
  A correspondent scans and sends me the ads from the Minneapolis Star Trib=
une.  Another correspondent sends me the data from the ads in the Los Angel=
es Times.  The Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA ads I see seem to be the=
 same elsewhere in the country, so I do not attribute them to the New York =
     In the ads section, I include only devices advertised in print by the =
retailers (not those sales noted only in the stores) that have at least one=
 of these words or phrases (or similar): 16:9, 480p, 720p, 768, 1080i, ATSC=
, digital tuner, EDTV, HDTV, or progressive scan (except DVD players).  I m=
ake no representation that any of these are HDTV.  I include computer produ=
cts only when they specifically mention TV or something similar.  Sometimes=
 one retailer will use one of the key words or phrases and another will not=
.  I go by the printed ads.
     When the price shown is after a mail-in rebate, I note that.  I do not=
 note "instant rebates," but I calculate the price accordingly.  If a retai=
ler provides a means for me to calculate a discount or "savings" (and I not=
ice it) I do so.  I note offers included in the price (gift cards, DVD play=
ers, stands, chairs, etc.) except delivery and/or payment terms.  When the =
same model is offered by the same store more than once during the week at d=
ifferent prices, I use the lowest.
     When model numbers appear strange to me, I often append "[?]"  When I =
store offers a small number of older models, I probably won't comment on it=
, but when it offers a large number I often do.

     - ADSL - Asymmetric DSL, with higher speed towards the subscriber than=

     - AES - Audio Engineering Society:

     - APTS - The U.S. Association of Public Television Stations (sometimes=
 called America's Public Television Stations):

     - AR - The abbreviation I use to note that an advertised item's price =
is AFTER a mail-in REBATE.  In cinematography, AR is a common abbreviation =
for aspect ratio.

     - Artifacts - In terms of imaging and compression, perceptually undesi=
rable results of processing (e.g. blocks appearing in the picture that were=
n't in the original)

     - Aspect ratio - Ratio of picture width to height, typically wider for=
 HDTV than for ordinary television

     - ATSC - Advanced Television Systems Committee, a standards organizati=
on created by other industry groups and standards organizations.  Although =
it is the source of (and is used synonymously with) the U.S. digital televi=
sion standard, the first ATSC standard was actually related to ghost reduct=
ion for analog NTSC.  The ATSC Forum, a different organization, promotes th=
e ATSC digital television standard around the world.  As this is being writ=
ten, the ATSC standard has been adopted by Mexico and is in use in the U.S.=
, Canada, and South Korea:

     - AVC - Advanced video codec, a bit-rate-reduction scheme also known a=
s H.264 (ITU) and MPEG-4 Part 10 (IEC/ISO).

     - Blanking Interval - The time period during which electron beams in p=
icture tubes return for right to left (horizontal blanking interval) or bot=
tom to top (vertical blanking interval)

     - Berlin - The first market in the world to have completed the transit=
ion from analog television broadcasting to digital; the transition took fou=
r months for commercial broadcasters and nine months for non-commercial.

     - Broadcast flag - A retransmission control descriptor, also the FCC o=
rder relating to it involving signal security issues

     - BRR - Bit-rate reduction, commonly called compression

     - BS - The abbreviation I use to note that an advertised price is BEFO=
RE unspecified in-store SAVINGS.  There is, of course, another meaning ofte=
n used for the abbreviation; it's not my intention to refer to it.

     - BT.601 - The basic standard-definition digital video standard of the=

     - CableCARD - A security module supplied by a cable system to be inser=
ted into a subscriber's plug-&-play TV to handle conditional-access securit=

     - CARS - Community Antenna Relay Service, microwave paths used for cab=
le TV

     - CATV - Community-antenna television, cable television

     - CBA - Community Broadcasters Association, representing low-power
TV stations:

     - CEA - The U.S. Consumer Electronics Association:

     - Census households - Number of homes based on population census (smal=
ler number than postal households)

     - CES - The U.S. Consumer Electronics Show:

     - CHILA - CableCARD-Host Interface Licensing Agreement (formerly PHILA=
 when a CableCARD was called a POD)

     - Class A - LPTV stations with "permanent" status

     - CNR - Carrier-to-noise ratio

     - COFDM - Coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplex, the form of t=
ransmission used in DVB-T

     - Component - In signal terms, video carried as three signals, typical=
ly luma and two color-difference signals (separate red, green, and blue sig=
nals are also possible)

     - Composite - A single video signal carrying both luma and color

     - Compression - Term commonly used to describe bit-rate reduction achi=
eved through more efficient coding of pictures and sounds; when it is perfe=
ctly reversible, it is called lossless; when it isn't perfectly reversible =
but no one would notice, it's called perceptually lossless; otherwise, it's=
 lossy and generates what are called artifacts.

     - CRT - Cathode-ray tube, such as a picture tube or video-projection t=

     - Currencies - I try to do currency conversions just before I send the=
 memo.  The symbol $ by itself indicates U.S. dollars.  A$ is Australian do=
llars.  C$ is Canadian dollars.  UKP is United Kingdom pounds.

     - DBS - Direct broadcast(ing by) satellite

     - DI - Digital intermediate, the digital processing of (generally thea=
trical) motion pictures between acquisition and distribution

     - dialnorm - A parameter of the U.S. DTT signal allowing dialogue leve=
ls to be normalized across channels and programs; broadcasters are required=
 to adjust it appropriately

     - Digital television - A vague term I try to avoid

     - D-ILA - Digital image light amplifier, a JVC projection-display tech=
nology in the LCoS category

     - Disclaimer - A notice in a retailer's advertisement that indicates t=
hat something called "digital," "EDTV," or "HDTV" that doesn't include DTT-=
reception circuitry requires an additional device to receive DTT broadcasts

     - DLP - Digital light processing, Texas Instruments' trademark for pro=
jection systems based on their micro-mirror chips

     - DSL - Digital subscriber line, a phone-company line carrying high-sp=
eed data

     - DTCP - Digital transmission content protection, also sometimes calle=
d 5C, intended for use with 1394

     - DTH - Direct-to-home, same as DBS

     - DTT - Digital terrestrial television broadcasting

     - DTV - Digital television, a term I use only in the ads to indicate a=
n integrated display/DTT receiver

     - DV - Both a recording format using 1/4-inch tape in a cassette (comm=
only called MiniDV) and the compression system used in DV recorders (but al=
so in other recorders)

     - DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting group, based in Europe

     - DVB-C - The cable standard of DVB

     - DVB-H - The mobile standard of DVB

     - DVB-S - The satellite standard of DVB

     - DVB-T - The terrestrial-broadcasting standard of DVB

     - DVD-R, DVD+R - Different forms of record-once DVD-recording systems

     - DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW - Different forms of re-recordable DVD recor=
ding systems; I sometimes use a slash to indicate combinations (e.g., DVD-R=

     - DVI - Digital visual interface, a high-data-rate connection scheme u=
sed for monitors, two versions of which also include analog component video

     - DVI-A - An analog-only version of DVI

     - DVI-CE - HDMI

     - DVI-D - The basic DVI digital connection

     - DVI-I - A version of DVI with both digital and analog connections

     - D-VHS - Data VHS, able to record compressed television signals, usua=
lly via 1394 connection

     - DVR - Digital video recorder, sometimes used as a synonym for PVR

     - EDTV - Extended-definition (or enhanced-definition) television, gene=
rally meaning 480p.

     - EFP - Electronic field production, ENG with higher production values

     - ENG - Electronic news gathering, sometimes used as shorthand for a p=
rofessional camcorder

     - EPG - Electronic program guide

     - E-VSB - A robust version of 8-VSB sacrificing data rate

     - FCC - The U.S. Federal Communication Commission:

     - Flat panel - A TV display screen that is both thin and flat, as in p=
lasma and direct-view LCD

     - Flat screen - A TV display screen (including CRT) that is not convex

     - Follow-ups - New information (or corrections) to relatively recent m=
emos; longer-term follow-ups are sometimes listed as such

     - Freeview - Current UK DTT system, which, as the name implies, is fre=
e to view

     - GLV - Grating light valve, a laser projection-display technology

     - Gray-market/grey-market - Designation for products not originally in=
tended to be sold in the U.S.

     - H.264 - ITU designation of AVC

     - HD - High definition

     - HDCP - High-bandwidth digital content protection, intended for use w=
ith DVI and HDMI connections

     - HDMI - High-definition multimedia interface, originally called DVI-C=
E, similar to DVI, but with smaller connectors and optionally including aud=
io and remote-control functions

     - HDTV - High-definition television, defined by CEA to be at least 720=
p or 1080i, even if displayed on a 4:3 screen, as long as the image may be =
shrunk on that screen to a 16:9 shape

     - HDV - High-definition video, systems for recording HD on a DV casset=

     - Homes passed - Existing cable-TV subscribers and those who could sub=
scribe if they so chose

     - Household - Roughly synonymous with "home," but see also Census hous=
eholds, Postal households, and TV households=20

     - IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

     - IEEE - The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:

     - Integer frame rate - Typically 24.0, 30.0, or 60.0 per second (25 is=
 always integer)

     - Integrated - A picture display with built-in DTT receiver

     - Interlaced - With each frame divided into two sections, one carrying=
 the odd-numbered scanning lines and the other the even, the two sections t=
ransmitted (or captured or displayed) sequentially (opposite of progressive=

     - International Bureau - The branch of the FCC dealing with satellite =
issues, including domestic satellite

     - IPPV - Impulse PPV, PPV that can be ordered from a remote control at=
 the spur of the moment

     - IPTV - Internet-protocol television, a form of digital distribution =
of television programming that need not be carried on the Internet

     - ISDB-T - Integrated-services digital broadcasting - terrestrial, the=
 form of DTT used in Japan

     - ISO - International Standardization Organization

     - ITFS - Instructional Television Fixed Service, educational televisio=
n microwave similar to MDS

     - ITU - International Telecommunications Union

     - ITV Digital - Renamed onDigital, predecessor of Freeview, named for =
the Independent Television companies that owned it

     - July 1 - Under the FCC's original phased-in schedule, as of July 1, =
2004, 50% of 36-inch and larger TV sets equipped with analog NTSC tuners we=
re also to have had DTT-reception circuitry.  As of July 1, 2005, it was 10=
0% of those and 50% of those 25- to 35-inch.  Originally, as of July 1, 200=
6, it was supposed to be 100% of those; now that's March 1.  As of July 1, =
2007, it was supposed to be all NTSC-tuner-equipped TVs 13-inch and larger =
as well as other NTSC-tuner-equipped devices, such as VCRs, DVD recorders, =
computer tuner cards, and the like; now there's no 13-inch lower limit, and=
 it's March 1, 2007.  Manufacturers may either add DTT-reception circuitry =
or remove analog NTSC-reception circuitry to comply with the rule.
     In this section, I note some of the lowest prices I saw in newspaper a=
ds during the week for devices that would require the DTT-reception circuit=
ry at the appropriate July 1 date.  I list all advertised TVs in the catego=
ries where the mandate has kicked in.  In the not-yet-mandated categories, =
I list devices with prices I find interesting.  I list DVD recorders costin=
g less than $300, an entirely arbitrary figure.
     I also note in this section other issues related to those mandates, su=
ch as CableCARD (July 1, 2004 mandatory availability).

     - LCD - Liquid crystal display

     - LCoS - Liquid-crystal on silicon, a microdisplay used for projection

     - LED - Light-emitting diode

     - Lines - Either scanning lines (active or total) or lines of resoluti=
on, hypothetical vertical alternating white and black lines representing th=
e finest detail that can be carried

     - Lip-sync - Matched audio and video timing, which can be a problem in=

     - LPTV - Low-power television station

     - Luma - The portion of a video signal containing black-&-white inform=

     - MATV - Master-antenna television

     - May 1 - Under the phased-in schedule for the advent of DTT in the U.=
S., most deadlines were on May 1.  As of May 1, 1999, the ABC, CBS, Fox, an=
d NBC outlets in the top-ten markets were due to begin DTT broadcasting.  A=
s of November 1, 1999, it was those outlets in markets 11-30.  As of May 1,=
 2002, all full-power U.S. commercial stations on the air as of the rule on=
set were to have begun DTT broadcasting.  As of May 1, even full-power non-=
commercial stations were to have begun DTT broadcasting.  Not all stations =
made their deadlines.
     I check on two sets of lists weekly: the FCC and NAB figures; I report=
 them when they change.  When they are available, I also report Doug Lung's=
 licensed-DTT-stations figures taken from the FCC CDBS database.  In additi=
on to licensed stations, there are those operating on program-test authorit=
y (full-power) and special and experimental temporary authorities (low-powe=

     - Mbps - Million bits per second

     - MDS - Multipoint Distribution Service, microwave television broadcas=

     - MDU - Multiple-dwelling unit (apartment house)

     - MHz - Megahertz, million cycles per second

     - Microdisplay - A chip-sized display system, such as DLP or LCoS, use=
d in projection systems

     - MMDS - Multichannel MDS

     - Monochrome - In typical use, black-&-white

     - MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America; the international vers=
ion is the Motion Picture Association:

     - MPEG - Moving Picture Experts Group, a committee that has come up wi=
th a number of compression schemes and related standards:

     - MSTV - The Association for Maximum Service Television:

     - MTF - Modulation transfer function, the energy (contrast ratio) that=
 can pass through a system at different finenesses of detail.

     - Multipath - The arrival at a receiver of signals from a single trans=
mitter that have taken different paths (and, therefore, different amounts o=
f time to arrive); in analog television, this condition is seen as ghosts.

     - MVDDS - Multichannel video and data distribution service, sharing DB=
S downlink frequencies for terrestrial transmissions

     - MVDS - Multipoint Video Distribution Systems, microwave broadcasting=
, like MMDS outside the U.S.

     - NAB - The U.S. National Association of Broadcasters and its annual c=
onvention and equipment exhibition:

     - NCTA - The U.S. National Cable & Telecommunications Association:

     - Non-integer frame rate - Typically 23.976, 29.97, or 59.94 used in N=
TSC countries

     - NTSC - National Television System Committee, the first of which stan=
dardized the U.S. 525 (total) line/30 frame system and the second of which =
added compatible composite color; NTSC is sometimes used in the U.S. to ref=
er to analog television.

     - NVOD - Near VOD, a multichannel service approximating VOD

     - onDigital - Original UK subscription DTT service (coexisting with so=
me free-to-view channels)

     - PIP - picture-in-picture, a feature requiring two tuners

     - Pixel - Picture element, the smallest part of a picture captured, tr=
ansmitted, or displayed

     - Plug-&-Play - The agreement between the U.S. cable and consumer-elec=
tronics industries and the subsequent FCC order regarding the circuitry nec=
essary to allow "digital-cable-ready" TV sets to be plugged directly into c=
able systems without need for a set-top box.  A CableCARD handles condition=
al-access security.  One-way plug-&-play devices might not be able to handl=
e EPG, IPPV, or VOD functions.

     - PMP - Portable media player

     - POD - Point-of-deployment cable conditional-access security module, =
now called a CableCARD

     - Postal households - A number larger than that of census households, =
including vacation homes and the like

     - PPV - Pay per view

     - Progressive - With all scanning lines of a frame occurring sequentia=
lly (opposite of interlaced), sometimes called sequential

     - PSIP - Program and system-information protocol, an ATSC standard cov=
ering such non-program data as an electronic program guide

     - PVR - Personal video recorder, such as ReplayTV or TiVo

     - Robust - Either a description of a DTT signal that is easier to rece=
ive than a non-robust signal or a description of the signal security in a b=
roadcast-flag-related device

     - Sample - A moment in time, the smallest picture element in a digital=
 video signal

     - Schubin site - My Manhattan apartment, where many people have tested=
 DTT reception, both officially (it was test-site NYC300 for the Advanced T=
elevision Technology Center) and unofficially

     - SCTE - The Society of Cable & Telecommunications Engineers:

     - SD - Standard definition

     - SDTV - Standard-definition television, a term sometimes used to refe=
r to ordinary television and sometimes to the component-digital form of ord=
inary television (720 x 483 in NTSC countries)

     - SED - Surface-conduction electron-emitter display, sort of a flat-pa=
nel picture tube with an electron gun for each pixel

     - Sharpness - A psychophysical function found to be proportional to th=
e square of the area under a curve plotting contrast ratio against detail r=

     - SMATV - Satellite-fed MATV

     - SMPTE - Society of Motion-Picture and Television Engineers:

     - SNR - Signal-to-noise ratio

     - STB - Set-top box

     - SVOD - Subscription VOD

     - Total - With reference to scanning lines or pixels, both the active =
and those in the blanking interval

     - TVHH or TV households - That portion of census households with TV se=
ts (a very stable 98% in the U.S.)

     - UDI - Unified display interface, similar to HDMI

     - VC-1 - A SMPTE standardized advanced video compression system based,=
 in part, on WMV-9

     - VDSL - Very-high-speed DSL

     - VOD - Video on demand

     - Widescreen - Description of wider-than-normal TV aspect ratio, usual=
ly 16:9 but not in some LCD displays (which may be 5:3)

     - WMV9 - Windows Media Video 9, a bit-rate-reduction scheme

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