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  • From: "Mark Schubin" <tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Multiple Addresses Suppressed" <tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 21:50:48 -0500

There are hungry, homeless, ailing, and oppressed people all over the
world, so please make your usual charitable contributions.  Then please
provide some extra help for the tsunami victims.  If that means you can't
make it to ***The Technology Retreat***, well, this is more important. 
Here are some very efficient (low-administrative-cost) relief organizations
(all have four-star ratings from CharityNavigator.org):
     If you prefer to contribute materials, and you have some way of
getting them there, here's what Indonesia needs:

- Follow-ups:

     - ***The Technology Retreat***, January 26-28 (with a number of
earlier pre-retreat events), at the Marriott Rancho Las Palmas Resort,
Rancho Mirage, California -
          - There are some more breakfast roundtables:
               - On Thursday morning, Motion Picture Association (MPAA)
chief technology officer Brad Hunt will moderate a roundtable on digital
content protection developments at which he will probably also discuss the
latest developments with regard to the "broadcast flag" and digital-cable
               - Both Thursday and Friday, JVC assistant vp Larry Librach
will moderate roundtables on affordable HD, with regard not only to the
low-cost HDV camcorders but also to such issues as MPEG microwave coding.
               - Also both Thursday and Friday, Per Sjofors, vp for media &
entertainment of Exanet (subject of recent media reports), will be
moderating roundtables on networked HD storage.
               - There are irons in the fire for roundtables on HD
perception, the state of the DTT and HDTV transitions, shooting with
Varicam, unlicensed-transmission issues, and CableCARDs, but there's still
plenty of room for more breakfast roundtables on ANY subject.  If you're
registered for the retreat, willing to get up early enough to start at 7:30
am, and willing to forego other roundtables that day, contact me, and I can
confirm your roundtable instantly.
          - Exanet will also have something in the demonstration room, as
will Scalable Display Technologies (which I can hardly wait to see).
          - Don't forget the two separate-admission half-day seminars on
Tuesday, January 25:
               - The Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC) "Getting
PSIP Right" should provide all the info necessary to meet next month's
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deadline.
               - Charles Poynton's all-new "HDTV & Digital-Cinema Camera
Technology" is a BRAND-NEW Poynton seminar that's intended to form the
basis of a new book.  What do Bayer filters REALLY do to resolution?  Why
are stripe filters different?  Why don't most digital-cinematography
cameras use prisms like TV cameras?  How do you get wider color gamut and
dynamic range?  Come and find out!
          - Then there's the main retreat program:
               - Wednesday morning's all-star compression session
               - Wednesday afternoon's all-star consumer-media session
               - Thursday morning's acquisition
               - Thursday afternoon's digital-cinema
               - Friday morning's rules, rights, and random-access
               - Friday afternoon's standards & skew, files & fiber, noise
& networking
          - The complete schedule is still available here:
          - And, of course, there's the championship at Fenway Park, the
quizzes (with new, all-powerful -- but still cheap -- prizes), the dinners,
the lunches, the drinks, and the extraordinary Palm Springs Follies -- so
newsworthy that they made the front page of yesterday's "Styles" section of
The New York Times (YOU should look so good when you're that old!):
          - Here's another weather report.  This past week:
               - It SNOWED (with accumulation) for the first time in the
United Arab Emirates:
               - It rained 5.55 inches in Los Angeles on Tuesday, alone,
and there were floods in Arizona:
               - The week of January 22-28, Palm Springs is due to have
high temperatures of 71-72 degrees (Fahrenheit) under sunny skies:
          - So, unless you're flat broke because you've sent all of your
money for tsunami relief, BE THERE!  You have been warned:

     - WRAL programming on mobile phones - A reader asked me to make it
clear that the transmission scheme for this has nothing to do with DTT.

     - JVC's Blu-ray/DVD hybrid - According to a report on Warren
Communications News's site on Wednesday, JVC "concedes" that replication of
the hybrid "isn't easy" and that Toshiba (which will have no desire to see
it succeed) may have patent claims.  The story is no longer on the site:

     - CableCARD - It was the subject of David Pogue's column in the
"Circuits" section of Thursday's New York Times.  Although the column was
largely favorable to the technology, it DID point out features it couldn't
provide and noted that different TVs (Panasonic and Sharp) reacted very
differently with it:
     In a somewhat related story, the Associated Press reported that Cox
Communications told a family whose house in Wardville, Louisiana burned
down on Christmas that they had to pay $500 to replace the set-top boxes
the fire had consumed.  The complete story requires a paid subscription:

     - Surveys - 
          - Pacific Media Associates surveyed 300 consumers about the
reasons why they WOULDN'T buy an advanced TV.  The answers were divided
into plasma (P), LCD (L), and rear projection (R).  The higher the
percentage, the LESS a consumer likes the technology for that
               - Price too high: P-65%, L-44%, R-20%
               - Unreliable: P-25%, L-12%, R-7%
               - Bad picture quality: P-8%, L-20%, R-25%
               - Screen too small: P-8%, L-16%, R-7%
               - Set too big: P-3%, L-6%, R-24%
          - A recent Yankee Group survey found that people with digital
cable tended to rank cable channels highest in their viewing choices, but
those with HDTVs ranked CBS highly:

     - Satellites and HDTV -
          - DirecTV has added ABC HD for subscribers in the markets where
ABC owns stations.  They already offer CBS, Fox, and NBC HD in markets
where those networks own stations:
          - Voom is dividing its movie library among another 11
genre-specific HD movie channels.  The full story requires a paid

     - July 1 - 
          - This week I've listed 77 advertised TVs 36-inch or larger.  Of
those, 20 (26%) have integrated DTT-reception capability.  
          - See also the ads section for inexpensive non-integrated sets
that are HD and/or widescreen.
       - TV sets that would require DTT-reception circuitry starting 2004:
         - Toshiba 36E60 36-inch TV @ CEW $269
         - Toshiba 50-inch projection TV @ CEW $449
         - Sony 53-inch projection TV @ CEW $498
         - Zenith 53-inch projection TV @ CEW $449
         - RCA 61-inch projection TV @ CEW $649
         - Sony 61-inch projection TV @ CEW $749
         - Samsung 65-inch projection TV @ CEW $899
       - TV sets that would require DTT-reception circuitry starting 2005:
         - ESA EF427E 27-inch TV @ Circuit City $179.99 AR
         - Magnavox 27MS3404 27-inch TV @ Circuit City $199.99
         - Sansui TVS2746 27-inch TV @ Best Buy $159.99
         - Sony 27S45 27-inch TV @ CEW $159
         AR - price after mail-in rebate
       - Devices that would require DTT-reception circuitry in 2007:
         - "Famous Brand" 13-inch TV @ CEW $49
         - Memorex MT1134 13-inch TV @ Sears $59.99
         - "Famous Brand" 19-inch TV @ CEW $69
         - Toshiba 19A24 19-inch TV @ Sears $119.99
         - Sylvania 6420FE 20-inch flat-screen TV @ Best Buy $129.99
         - Apex ADV-3800 DVD/VCR combo @ J&R $94.99
         - ESA E4000 DVD/VCR combo @ Circuit City $80.99
         - Toshiba SD-V392 DVD/VCR combo @ Best Buy $99.99
         - GoVideo R6740 DVD+R/RW recorder @ J&R $179.99
         - Panasonic DMR-E55S DVD-R/RAM recorder @ Best Buy $249.99 2MV
         - Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD-R/RAM recorder @ J&R $229.99
         - Sharp DVRW340U VCR/DVD recorder combo @ Best Buy $279.99 2MV
         2MV - price includes two movies
       - Devices that would require dual DTT-reception circuitry in 2007:
         - SuperScan SSF420TR 20-inch TV/DVD/VCR combo @ Sears $249.99
       - Devices not covered by the mandate but using analog TV broadcasts:
         - Sony D-NF400 AM/FM/TV/weather CD portable @ J&R $64.99
         - Sony DNS707F AM/FM/TV/weather CD portable @ Best Buy $89.99

     - May 1 - Neither the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) nor
the FCC updated their lists this week.  The lack of an FCC update means
they have now skipped a second month.

- Transitions-Take-Time Department:  The stock that has been traded longer
at the New York Stock Exchange than any other started out as the New York
Gas Light Company.  Today it is known as Con Edison, New York City's
electricity company.  A story in the City section of The New York Times
yesterday notes that, if all goes well, December 31 of this year will be
the last day Con Edison supplies DC to customers:

- International H/DTV news:  

     - Spain finally plans to offer (this year) the spectrum that was
assigned to the dead Quiero TV DTT system to others.  Their analog cutoff
date is planned to be 2010:

     - Warren Communications News reported Wednesday that HDTV
interoperability would be the topic of a European Commission workshop on
January 21.  The story is no longer on the site:
     FYI, that leaves plenty of time to fly to Palm Springs for ***The
Technology Retreat*** to learn the TRUTH about HDTV interoperability from
the interoperators themselves:

     - HDTV in Europe reportedly currently consists primarily of the
Euro1080 programming carried by 16 or so cable operators and seen by
consumers with 600-Euro (US$808) set-top boxes.  Three more HD programming
channels are expected to launch in Europe this year and another next year:

     - The first of these stories is called "DTV Intrigue in China":
     - The other suggests that manufacturers are getting tired of waiting
for China to come up with its own DTT transmission system:

     - Was H/DTV a hot item this past retail holiday season?  According to
Overstock.com's Patrick Byrne, manufacturers believed the hype that it
would be, resulting in his company's being offered lots of excess HD
inventory to sell:

- The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has not yet sent me any
figures for factory sales past the 48th week of 2004.  They're busy with
this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  They HAVE sent me the
consensus estimates for the year, which have some surprises, but I'm not
allowed to release the information until tomorrow.
     There will be a report from CES and plenty of CEA market-research and
household penetration figures at ***The Technology Retreat*** (as well as
CEA vp Brian Markwalter).  BE THERE!

- Ads for set-top DTT receivers:  I'm not aware of any this week.  Between
no set-top boxes and fewer ads for integrated sets, it has not been a good
week for DTT in the U.S.

- The ads - My Minneapolis-area correspondent received no Ultimate
Electronics ad supplement this week.  Video & Audio Center had a long list
of what my Los Angeles correspondent thought were demo models.
  - Best Buy (HD disclaimers only):
    - JVC HD52Z575 52-inch widescreen D-ILA projection TV w/$90 RC $2849.99
    - JVC HD61Z575 61-inch widescreen D-ILA projection TV $3609.99
    - JVC LT26X575 26-inch widescreen direct-view LCD TV w/$60 RC $1899.99
    - LG DU-42PY10X 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV w/$140 RC $4274.99
    - Maxent MX-42VM10 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1999.99
    - Panasonic PT-60LC14 60-inch LCD projection TV w/$110 RC $3324.99
    - Philips 50PF9956 50-inch 16:9 plasma TV w/$185 RC $5699.99
    - RCA HD50LPW162 50-inch 16:9 integr. DLP proj. DTV w/$85 RC $2659.99
    - Samsung 192MP 19-inch 5:4 LCD TV $549.99 AR
    - Samsung HL-P4663W 46-inch 16:9 DLP projection TV w/$85 RC $2564.99
    - Samsung HP-P4261 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $4499.99
    - Samsung LT-P326W 32-inch wide direct-view LCD TV w/$90 RC $2849.99
    - Samsung SP-P4251 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV w/$85 RC $2564.99
    - Samsung TX-P3071WH 30-inch 16:9 integrated direct-view CRT DTV $949.99
    - Sony KP51WS520 51-inch 16:9 projection TV w/$50 RC $1614.99
    - Toshiba 46H84 46-inch 16:9 projection TV w/$40 RC $1329.99
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
    RC - price includes "reward certificates" of the amount shown
  - Circuit City (HD identification only):
    - ESA PDP4294LV 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1999.99
    - Hitachi 42HDT51 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $5499.99 BS
    - Hitachi 50V500 50-inch 16:9 LCD projection TV $2799.99 BS
    - Magnavox 20MF200V 20-inch 4:3 LCD TV $699.99 BS
    - Mystery brand 27-inch widescreen LCD TV $1199.99 BS
    - Panasonic CT27HL14 27-inch 4:3 direct-view CRT TV $549.99
    - Panasonic CT30WX54 30-inch 16:9 direct-view CRT TV $999.99 BS
    - Panasonic CT34WX54 34-inch 16:9 direct-view CRT TV $1399.99 BS
    - Panasonic TC14LA2 14-inch 4:3 LCD TV $549.99
    - Panasonic TC22LH30 22-inch 16:9 LCD TV $1799.99 BS
    - Panasonic TH37PD25U 37-inch integrated 16:9 plasma DTV $2499.99 BS
    - Panasonic TH42PD25U 42-inch integrated 16:9 plasma DTV $2999.99 BS
    - Panasonic TH42PX25U 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $5499.99
    - RCA D52W20 52-inch 16:9 projection TV $1499.99 BS
    - Samsung HLP5085W 50-inch 16:9 DLP projection TV $3799.99 BS
    - Sharp LC26GA4U 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $2199.99 BS
    - Sony KDF42WE655 42-inch wide integr. LCD projection DTV $2499.99 BS
    - Sony KDF50WE655 50-inch wide integr. LCD projection DTV $2999.99 BS
    - Sony KP46WT520 46-inch 16:9 projection TV $1499.99 BS
    - Sony KP51WS520 51-inch 16:9 projection TV $1699.99 BS
    - Sony KP57WS520 57-inch 16:9 projection TV $1999.99 BS
    - Sony KV32HS420 32-inch 4:3 direct-view CRT TV $999.99 BS
    - Sony KV36HS420 36-inch 4:3 direct-view CRT TV $1499.99 BS
    BS - price "before savings" 
  - CompUSA (appropriate disclaimer):
    - HP F2304 23-inch LCD monitor $1999.99 AR
    - Samsung HLP4663W 46-inch 16:9 DLP projection TV $2499.99
    - Samsung LTP266W 26-inch widescreen direct-view LCD TV $1849.99
    - Samsung LTP326W 32-inch widescreen direct-view LCD TV $2699.99
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
  - Computers & Electronics Warehouse (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - Panasonic 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1899
    - Sony 30-inch widescreen LCD TV $1699
  - Dell (Los Angeles Times):
    - Dell 19-inch widescreen LCD TV $799
    - Dell 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1899
    - Dell 30-inch widescreen LCD TV $2299
    - Dell 42-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $2999
  - Epson (New York Times, no disclaimer necessary):
    - Epson 47-inch integrated projection DTV/printer w/CD-R/RW $2699 AR
    - Epson 57-inch integrated projection DTV/printer w/CD-R/RW $3199 AR
    AR - price after mail-in rebate
  - Fry's (Los Angeles Times, some HD IDs):
    - JVC HD-52Z575 52-inch widescreen D-ILA projection TV $3299
    - Mitsubishi WD-52525 52-inch 16:9 integrated projection DTV $3199
    - Mitsubishi WS-55315 55-inch 16:9 projection TV $1499
    - Panasonic PT-47X54 47-inch 16:9 projection TV $1199
    - Samsung SP-P4251 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $2697
    - Sharp LC45GD6U 45-inch widescreen integrated LCD DTV $7499
  - Good Guys (Los Angeles Times, appropriate disclaimer):
    - Mitsubishi WT-42315 42-inch 16:9 CRT projection TV $999
    - Sony KE-42TS2 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $3499
    - Sylvania 6842PE 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1499
  - J&R (am New York, no disclaimer):
    - JVC HD52Z575 52-inch widescreen D-ILA projection TV $2999.99
    - Samsung TX-P2745P 27-inch 4:3 direct-view CRT TV $379.99
  - J&R (New York Times, disclaimer on only one model):
    - Akai LCT2660 26-inch widescreen LCD TV $1099.99
    - Akai PDV42S10 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1799.99
    - GoVideo T1530 15-inch 4:3 direct-view LCD TV $349.99
    - Panasonic TH-37PD25U/P 37-inch integrated 16:9 plasma DTV $2099.99
    - Philips 42PF9936 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $2499.99
    - Philips 42PF9996 42-inch 16:9 LCD TV $6499.99
    - Samsung DVD-L1200 12-inch widescreen DVD/LCD combo $699.99
    - Samsung HLP5063W 50-inch 16:9 DLP projection TV $2499.99
    - Samsung TX-P2775H 27-inch integrated direct-view CRT DTV $549.99
    - Sharp LC-20B6U-S 20-inch 4:3 LCD direct-view TV $799.99
    - Sony KLV-21SG2 21-inch widescreen LCD TV $1199.99
    - Toshiba 52HM84 52-inch 16:9 DLP projection TV $2299.99
  - J&R (Village Voice, no disclaimer necessary):
    - Sony KDF-70XBR950 70-inch 16:9 integr. LCD proj. DTV $5999.99
  - Paul's (Los Angeles Times, no disclaimer):
    - Mitsubishi WD-52327 52-inch widescreen DLP projection TV $2995
    - Panasonic TH-37PD25U/P 37-inch integrated 16:9 plasma DTV $2495 ELN
    ELN - price "even less now"
  - Sears (Minneapolis Star Tribune, no disclaimer):
    - JVC AV56WP575 56-inch 16:9 projection TV $1614.99
    - Sony KDF42WE655 42-inch wide integr. LCD proj. DTV $2374.99
  - Soho Electric (NY Press, disclaimer on one model):
    - Hitachi CMP-4202 [?] 42-inch plasma TV $2199
    - Hitachi CMP-5202 [?] 50-inch plasma TV $4699
    - Panasonic TH-42PW6 [?] 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $2099
    - Panasonic TH-42PWD7 [?] 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $2299.99
    - Panasonic TH-50PWD7 [?] 50-inch 16:9 plasma TV $4899.99
    - Pioneer PDP-503CMX 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $4299
    - Samsung PPM-42S3 [?] 42-inch plasma TV $2499.99
    - Sony KDE-50XS955 50-inch 16:9 integrated plasma DTV $5899.99
    - Sony KF-42WE655 [?] 42-inch 16:9 LCD projection TV $2099
    - Sony KF-50WE655 [?] 50-inch 16:9 LCD projection TV $2599.99
    - Sony KF-60WE655 [?] 60-inch 16:9 LCD projection TV $3199.99
    - Sony KLV-26HR1 26-inch direct-view LCD TV $1699.99
    - Sony PFM-42M1 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $2299
    - SVA 30-inch widescreen LCD TV $1399
    - SVA HD4280UII-PDP 42-inch 16:9 plasma TV $1899
  - Unitek (Los Angeles Times, no disclaimer):
    - Planar PDP42BK 42-inch 16:9 plasma panel $1799
    - Sony PFM-42V1/B 42-inch 16:9 plasma panel $1939
    - Sony PFM42X1/S 42-inch 16:9 plasma panel $3099
    - Sony FWD50PX1 50-inch 16:9 plasma panel $4469
  - Video & Audio Center (Los Angeles Times, no disclaimer):
    - Sony KF60WE610 60-inch 16:9 LCD projection TV $2597

- TiVo today launched TiVoToGo, which will allow those equipped with Series
2 boxes to transfer recorded TV programming to computers IF it's not
flagged with any copy restrictions.  DVD, pay-per-view, and video-on-demand
programming is said to be off limits, and users will not initially be able
to record to DVD (but are supposed to be able to do so at some point):

- According to a study by the Stanford Institute for the Qualitative Study
of Society, Internet users watch TV an average of an hour and 42 minutes a
day, just 18 minutes less than the national average:

- The National Association of Television Program Executives is seeking a
computer and mobile-phone [TV-] programming executive for its board of
directors.  The full story requires a paid subscription:

- The first 2005 meeting of the Engineering Achievements Committee of the
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will be February 8 in New
York.  The committee may recommend Emmy Awards for technologies that
already "materially have affected" television (including non-broadcast
forms) and has no reverse time limit.  For its initial votes, the committee
can consider only technologies (not products, companies, organizations, or
individuals).  Technologies that make it through those votes are
investigated.  Those found Emmy worthy have another voting stage to
determine award winners.  For more information, contact the committee's
chair, Charles Jablonski:
     FYI, many of the committee members will be at ***The Technology
Retreat***, January 26-28 (with pre-retreat seminars on the 25th) at the
Rancho Las Palmas Resort in sunny, warm Rancho Mirage, California:

- It's JANUARY!  If you haven't yet made travel arrangements for ***The
Technology Retreat*** do so IMMEDIATELY!

- Upcoming Dates (DTV and non-DTV):

     - Through January 6, Las Vegas, IEEE Consumer Communications and
Networking Conference <http://www.ieee-ccnc.org/>.
     - January 6-9, Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show
     - January 8-12, Las Vegas Convention Center, International Conference
on Consumer Electronics <http://www.icce.org/>.
     - January 11-13, Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort, California,
SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference <http://et.scte.org/>.
     - January 15, KABC, Los Angeles, STE VSB seminar
     - January 25, Rancho Las Palmas Marriott, Rancho Mirage, California,
NABA Technical Committee meeting
     - ***January 26-28, Rancho Las Palmas Marriott, California, ***The
Technology Retreat*** <http://www.hpaonline.com>.
     - January 28, Wokefield Park, England, International Association of
Broadcasting Manufacturers conference
     - January 30-February 2, Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, SMPTE Advanced
Motion Imaging Conference and VidTrans
     - February 17-19, Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, California, CEA
Summit <http://www.ce.org/events/event_info/default.asp?eventID=WS05>.
     - February 21-22, New York and London, Collaborative Conferencing
Summit <http://sites.securemc.com/folder4073/>.
     - February 25, 1750 K Street NW, Washington, D.C., ATSC Forum
     - March 7-11, Hyatt Regency San Antonio, Texas, CEA Winter Technology
& Standards Forum
     - March 23, KQED, San Francisco, VSB seminar
     - March 28-31, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, SURA/VIDe
2005 <http://www.vide.net/conferences/spr2005/>.
     - April 3-5, Moscone Center, San Francisco, NCTA: The National Show
     - April 14-16, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, PBS Technology Conference
     - April 16-21, Las Vegas Convention Center, NAB 2005
     - May 22-27, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, SID International
Symposium 2005 <http://www.sid.org/conf/sid2005/sid2005.html>.
     - May 28-31, CCIB, Barcelona, 118th AES Convention
     - May 30-June 3, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary,
SAIT/WABE Broadcast Training Seminar <wayne.watson@xxxxxxx>
     - June 4-10, Las Vegas Convention Center, Infocomm 2005
     - June 14-16, Macau, IEEE International Symposium on Consumer
Electronics <http://www.ieee.org.hk/>
     - June 28-30, Javits Convention Center, New York, Entertainment
Technology Alliance Summit <http://www.etaexpo.com/register.html>.
* - new or revised listing


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