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United States Patent 6,768,517 issued July 27, 2004 describes the plural
PN1023 work of Patel-Limberg-McDonald.  The invention flowed from
acquaintances made thru opendtv.

Al Limberg

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> Doug's scheme, or more correctly the Patel-Limberg-McDonald scheme, was a
brilliant attempt to fix the ATSC training signals in the least incompatible
manner. They approached the problem in much the same way DVB-T did: make the
DTV signal itself carry all the information necessary for a simple receiver
to acquire and track the characteristics of the unknown RF channel.
Unfortunately, the desire for backward compatibility seems to have precluded
any real attempt to fix the deficiencies of the ATSC 8-VSB signal structure.
> So rather than putting the burden on the signal generator and keeping the
receivers simple (i.e., cheap), we still have the situation where clever and
probably very complex DSP hardware is required in the receiver to achieve
results we can call "excellent." At least someone has finally done that.
> -- Frank

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