[opendtv] Re: 20040722 Thundering Thursday Thanks (Mark's Monday Memo)

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Sounds like at least one generation later.  Originally, it was the fourth
generation box.  With the new chip, it's the fifth.

John Willkie

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Is this new LG box a later version than when we first began to hear
about a Zenith HD STB some months ago?
Bob Miller wrote:

>John Willkie wrote:
>>"Replicate NTSC?" Not at Richard Bogner's house: it sounds like it greatly
>>exceeded NTSC.  (I first heard him telling of his Roslyn reception
>>more than 20 years ago: glad to hear that it's finally solved without him
>>blowing up the intervening hill.
>>While Bogner transmit antennae have a 'fair share' of tx antennae
>>installations, they cluster in LPTV and stations with extremely
>>budgets, and more than a few customers had more than a few surprises --
>>the Honolulu station in the mid 1980's.  Although my LPTV station had an
>>extremely constrained budget, after many years of pondering the question,
>>opted for Andrew's anti-Bogner antennae.  Twelve years later, in a salt
>>environment, the thing's still there, and probably not much difference in
>>SWR.  Gotta thank him for stimulating Andrew to make an LPTV tx antenna
>>high quality and moderate cost.
>>Was this reception better or worse than you expected, Bob?  Was it a good
>>day, or a bad one?
>>John Willkie
>Anytime anything works is a great day.
>If you follow my past post as to our intentions, anything that locks
>broadcasters into 8-VSB is a good thing as to a mobile venture. And a
>working 8-VSB opens up other possibilities one of which is a quicker end
>to the transition. And there are others. I wouldn't put myself out for
>8-VSB unless there was something interesting there.
>We were involved only because Mark Aitken said this worked. Understand
>that I wanted it to work if that is what you are asking.
>A point of worry was when at 32 A of A it was apparent that with a quad
>bow tie on the 25th floor facing the Empire State Building with ZERO
>objects in the way of either the Conde Nast antenna or the ESB we could
>lose signal by walking around the room. This did not happen in my
>apartment or at Richard Bogner's home or at Mark Schubin's apartment.
>That it did happen at the least likely place was at least interesting.
>The antenna was on a table facing a wall but directed straight at the
>ESB. There were two windows in the room but not directly in front of the
>antenna. Four of us were milling around in the space between the antenna
>and the wall. At first we found by accident that we could lose the
>signal and then at will by moving or doing a little dance on most channels.
>This is probably a unique situation since as Mark said he could not
>induce loss of signal in his apartment. In normal viewing situations
>this will not be a problem.
>The most amazing thing was the obvious superiority of the simple loop
>and rectangular antennas.

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