[opendtv] Re: 20040722 Thundering Thursday Thanks (Mark's Monday Memo)

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 22:47:17 -0400

John Willkie wrote:

>"Replicate NTSC?" Not at Richard Bogner's house: it sounds like it greatly
>exceeded NTSC.  (I first heard him telling of his Roslyn reception problems
>more than 20 years ago: glad to hear that it's finally solved without him
>blowing up the intervening hill.
>While Bogner transmit antennae have a 'fair share' of tx antennae
>installations, they cluster in LPTV and stations with extremely constrained
>budgets, and more than a few customers had more than a few surprises -- like
>the Honolulu station in the mid 1980's.  Although my LPTV station had an
>extremely constrained budget, after many years of pondering the question, I
>opted for Andrew's anti-Bogner antennae.  Twelve years later, in a salt sea
>environment, the thing's still there, and probably not much difference in
>SWR.  Gotta thank him for stimulating Andrew to make an LPTV tx antenna with
>high quality and moderate cost.
>Was this reception better or worse than you expected, Bob?  Was it a good
>day, or a bad one?
>John Willkie
Anytime anything works is a great day.

If you follow my past post as to our intentions, anything that locks 
broadcasters into 8-VSB is a good thing as to a mobile venture. And a 
working 8-VSB opens up other possibilities one of which is a quicker end 
to the transition. And there are others. I wouldn't put myself out for 
8-VSB unless there was something interesting there.

We were involved only because Mark Aitken said this worked. Understand 
that I wanted it to work if that is what you are asking.

A point of worry was when at 32 A of A it was apparent that with a quad 
bow tie on the 25th floor facing the Empire State Building with ZERO 
objects in the way of either the Conde Nast antenna or the ESB we could 
lose signal by walking around the room. This did not happen in my 
apartment or at Richard Bogner's home or at Mark Schubin's apartment. 
That it did happen at the least likely place was at least interesting.

The antenna was on a table facing a wall but directed straight at the 
ESB. There were two windows in the room but not directly in front of the 
antenna. Four of us were milling around in the space between the antenna 
and the wall. At first we found by accident that we could lose the 
signal and then at will by moving or doing a little dance on most channels.

This is probably a unique situation since as Mark said he could not 
induce loss of signal in his apartment. In normal viewing situations 
this will not be a problem.

The most amazing thing was the obvious superiority of the simple loop 
and rectangular antennas.
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