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>From: "John Willkie" <johnwillkie@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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>Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:16:29 +0100 
>Is cable still an intermediary in your viewing situation?  Might be
>affecting things a bit.
>John Willkie

Cable IS an intermediary, but all that Cox is doing is demodulating & 
demultiplexing the ATSC transport stream and remodulating the HD program stream 
(without the secondary SD program) onto QAM. When, for example, the local 
broadcaster has a hiccup -- as reported by OTA viewers in my area -- the Cox 
cable retrans has the same hiccup. Cox is not doing any video processing or 
re-encoding of the broadcasters' bits. Their retrans consent agreements 
probably don't allow that even if Cox wanted to do it.

-- Frank

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>>There are many local stations that already pull bit rate from HD program in
>>order to include a SD version and/or to send data. Did anyone notice when
>I certainly notice! Our local ABC affiliate multicasts 1 HD + 1 SD program
>(ironically, the same program) and our PBS affiliate also does 1 HD + 1 SD
>(different programs). I don't have access to the original full bitrate HD
>streams, so I can't do an A/B comparison.
>But I can definitely see that ABC HD and PBS HD don't look nearly as good as
>CBS, Discovery  or any of the other HD channels I get.
>Perhaps more to the point, even my wife and kids notice this. They don't
>work in this business and haven't spent countless hours examining video as I
>have. Untrained viewers DO see the difference!
>Of course, content rules. But all other things being equal, they (and I)
>would rather watch the prettiest pictures than the "pseudo-HD."
>-- Frank
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