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> You would have to ask TV Guide why they don't include the=20
> listings, I do know=20
> that the schedule is available to them. =20

Well, in Boston you could ask WGBH why they don't bother listing the
HD programming in their monthly members' programme guide (or 3 of the
4 programs they carry on their WGBX multiplex). An amazing display
of cluelessness on someone's part.

I recently drank the koolaid and got cable HD in addition to the OTA HD
which I already receive. If I can get the 1394 connection to work I'll
in a position to record and compare the cable and OTA bitstreams for
of the Boston area stations.

In my location, about 35 miles NW of Boston, I cannot get a watchable
from any UHF station with my attic mounted antenna, but I get most of
Boston area DTV stations.

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