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used to  watch a similar clock on Lee Wood's Digital TV News Forum
now at:  

But  when it got down to a couple years of course Congress passed new law 
and  reset it to the current values.  We should maybe have a pool about  
the lowest value that will be seen this time before Congress or the FCC  
hit the snooze button.

I pick 400.

-  Tom

FUTURENEWS@xxxxxxx wrote:
> How do you celebrate an  anniversary BEFORE the event?
> Two years from today is Analog Turnoff  day?
> What festivities are you undertaking for the countdown?
>  I'm watching to FCC's countdown clock at the bottom of this page: 
>  http://www.dtv.gov/
> Gary A 

Tom  Barry                     trbarry@xxxxxxxxxxx    
Find my resume and video  filters at www.trbarry.com

If somebody makes a screensaver with a DTV countdown clock, I would put it  
on my laptop and start every one of my PowerPoint presentations with it!!
Steve Lampen

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