[opendtv] 060707 Free Friday Fragments (Mark's Monday Memo)

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 17:44:44 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

     Here are some very efficient (low-administrative-cost) relief 
organizations (all have four-star ratings from CharityNavigator.org):
     Americans may also call the Red Cross at 800 HELP NOW (800 435-7669).

- Follow-ups:

     - CableCARD - 
          - Less than 3% of digital-cable-ready (DCR) TVs reportedly have 
CableCARDs.  Perhaps as a result, there are reportedly 80% fewer DCR TV models 
this year than in 2005:
          - Here's more on the cable and consumer-electronics industries 
blaming each other for compatibility problems:
          - Motorola recently joined Scientific-Atlanta in getting a 
multi-stream CableCARD approved by CableLabs.  The multi-stream cards 
reportedly support video on demand, picture-in-picture, and "other interactive 
services and applications":
          - In a related story, the Association of Public Television Stations 
and cable competitor RCN have joined Comcast in asking the FCC to allow 
low-cost digital cable boxes integrating security and navigation functions 
after next July 1.  The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Microsoft 
question the need for a waiver:

     - Unlicensed devices - Here's a story on the Association for Maximum 
Service Television's letter to the leaders of the Senate Commerce Committee 
about "unintended consequences" of the planned deployment of more wireless 
broadband systems:

     - July 1 - I'm getting a little closer on catching up on the ads, but not 

     - May 1 - Neither the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) nor the 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has updated their lists of U.S. DTT 
stations for quite some time.

- So there are high-definition churches and a high-definition life.  Why not 
high-definition fireworks?  Here's a story on pleasing the stay-at-home crowd:

- International news:

     - There were at least 321,393 subscribers to HD cable or satellite in 
Canada as of this spring.  That includes only companies with at least 20,000 
subscribers.  That represents less than 3% of households:

     - Warren Communications News reported Monday that France has set a 2011 
analog cut-off date.  The story is no longer on their site:

     - The first country to drop analog, however, may be the Netherlands: 

     - According to the UK Energy Saving Trust, the switch to DTT there will be 
the main reason for doubled electricity use by 2010:

- I have not yet received sales data from CEA for anything past the 23rd week 
of 2006.

- I am sad to report the untimely deaths of two fine gentlemen with whom I had 
the pleasure to work:
     - Christian Tremblay, president of Algolith, a founder of Miranda, and 
formerly of CDL, died in a road accident on June 29:
Here are details of his memorial service this Sunday:
     - John Luff provided the following:  "Marty Skoff, Manager of Installation 
Services for AZCAR USA, died suddenly on June 26th.  He was employed by TPC 
Communications as a colorist, and later by STI (later AZCAR) as the manager of 
all installation crews.  His positive approach to problem solving was always 
appreciated by customers.  He was an avid sportsman who seldom missed a chance 
to be in the outdoors.  He is survived by his wife Jan and son Dan."

- Upcoming Dates (DTV and non-DTV):
     - September 27-29, Hotel Washington, Washington, D.C., IEEE Broadcast 
Symposium <http://www.ieee.org/organizations/society/bt/sympo.html>.
     - October 3-5, Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa, Iowa DTV Symposium 
     - October 4-6, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole Tech 
Symposium <http://www.jhfestival.org/symposium2006/>.
     - October 18-21, Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, SMPTE convention 
     - ***January 31-February 2, The Westin at Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage 
(Palm Springs area), California, ***HPA Technology Retreat*** 
     - April 14-19, Las Vegas Convention Center, NAB convention 
     - April 18-21, Atlanta Convention Center, Satellite Expo 2007 with C-band 
Pioneers Reunion <http://www.bobcooper.tv/c-band-reunion.htm>.

* - new or revised listing


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