[opendtv] Re: 060423 Schubin's Sunday Stuff (Mark's Monday Memo)

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 23:19:14 -0400

Albert Manfredi wrote:

>Tom Barry wrote:
>I think if people get equivalent or better reception of ATSC than they got 
>with NTSC, they won't complain. If there's anything to conclude about the 
>lack of fanfare, I'd say that's it.

Obviously "if people get equivalent or better reception of ATSC than 
they got

with NTSC, they won't complain."

To then state that they are not complaining and conclude therefore ATSC is 
better than NTSC is a bunch of bridges to far.

First the number of current buyers of HDTV integrated sets who rely on OTA is 
minuscule. Second the number of those who do not rely on OTA and who are 
currently buying integrated HDTV sets that will even try OTA is small and of 
that number those who would then complain about OTA reception is small since 
they will in most cases just say "f**K" to their significant others and proceed 
to connect the cable.

That would count as a complaint about reception but how do we measure it? 

Third with the better ATSC receivers today the problems are less but also the 
users do not have much to measure against. If they get a few stations well, a 
few with dropouts and don't receive a number of stations how do they know what 
to expect? What is the benchmark? How do they complain that this is not as good 
as it could be if there is no way for them to know what reception would be like 
say with DVB-T? So with the current state of the 8-VSB art they may just accept 
the inferior 8-VSB as the best that there is.

So the lack of fanfare may only signal the ongoing slow death of OTA TV/DTV 
nothing more.

BTW I do not accept that people are not complaining. They may be doing so only 
to friends. There are consistent complaints on AVSForum. And obviously there 
are complaints that we never hear about. If the grapevine was only positive 
then OTA broadcasting and the sale of OTA reception equipment might be going as 
good as it is in other COFDM countries.

Bob Miller

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