[openbeosnetteam] Re: our package

  • From: "Waldemar Kornewald" <Waldemar.Kornewald@xxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 11:15:11 +0200

>> > I think that there is no need for such a directory either - the 
>> > system 
>> > directory itself should only contain the base OS, and no user or 
>> > system 
>> > settings at all. All components of the OS should come with useful 
>> > built
>> > -in settings.
>> That is what I searched for as the best solution. :)
>> I can try to write a small perl script that translates those etc 
>> files into structures 
>> and then we can import it into our libbind. I cannot imagine that 
>> "services" changes 
>> often (if at all)I will try to integrate the following into libbind 
>> and libnet:
>> services
> I agree with Lars on the "services" file, though :)

Now, me, too. :)

>> But we already have /boot/system/add-ons. Should we replace it with a 
>> link and 
>> move the folder to /boot/system/config (or /boot/config?) in order to 
>> be more 
>> consistent with the /boot/home/config directory structure?
> Ah, you are actually confused, too :) The directory you were looking 
> for is /boot/beos/system/ - and I don't think this should get another 
> config directory.

Right, I am too confused!!! :)

>> Yes, let's add them. Should they go under /boot/home||system/config/?
> Not under "system" - as I tried to say, this should be a static 
> directory - one that you can exchange without losing anything but 
> features that the installed version delivers or not.
> I think they should be under:
> /boot/home/config/
> and
> /boot/config/

Good, I agree with that scheme.
Should driver and kernel settings be moved to /boot/config/settings? They are 
not user-specific.
IMHO, there are many apps that have cluttered my home/config folder with 
"fonts", "etc", "man", etc. Most of this can be moved to the "data" folder, but 
"man" contains documents. Do we have an app documentation folder? Be put 
binutils into some documentation folder, can we not create a 
folder-usage-guide? :)
Devs should change their apps to match our guide. I am already feeling like in 
file-hell (and dll-hell is getting hotter, too).


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