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  • From: "v r" <vreikine@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 01:46:27 -0500

Sorry for confusion with POSIX specs.
I remember I was surprised to see /dev and /tmp as part of POSIX and somehow 
thought that /etc also required. All those files are not accessed directly by 
applications but through some API calls and so there is no reason to keep 
'services' big enough. Besides, only first 1024 ports are reserved by IANA, - I 
an getting old and started forgeting things, if I am wrong again, correct me.
OTOH, of all those files I've seen in my experience, 'hosts' is modified all 
the time, 'services' - may be in 10% of all clients I've been, and 'networks' 
and 'protocols' practically never changed. Eventually, we would probably need 
to provide some kind of NIS/LDAP solution for 
get_(port/protocols/hosts)_by(name/address) calls. Until it happened, I guess 
any file structure would work, as long as we can provide ability connect to the 
box from network without mounting user volume. 


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From: Lars Hansson <lars-openbeos-net@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 10:29:55 +0800
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Subject: [openbeosnetteam] Re: our package

> v r wrote:
> > 'services' is not that small but I think it's unnecessary big on Unix,
>  > usually a very small subset of listed services is used.
> The 'services' file is not intended as a list of services that are used 
> on a particular system but as a list of 'port -> name' mappings for 
> known services, many of which are allocated by IANA. However, the 
> mappings dont *have* to be in that file since they're usually only 
> accessed thru api calls (get_servce_by_name() or some such, cant 
> remember exactly) and the data itself could be stored somewhere else 
> without breaking POSIX or any application.
> ---
> Lars Hansson

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