[openbeosnetteam] What's going on [Was: Some admin stuff]

  • From: "Jean Schwerer" <j-schwerer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 00:53:41 +0100

Hi all,

>Haven't seen much action on the list lately, just wondering where we're at?

Couldn't find the time to finish BeOS API stuff but I am still dedicated to my 
deadline (end of 
this week), although I know I probably won't make it ^_^ I've been running out 
of time because 
of job searching for nearly three months now but good news is I finally will 
start on a new job in 
one week. So expect me to become more active then ^_^
It looks like I'm waiting too long before sending reminders to inactive 
contributors so I believe I 
should send a weekly reminder to those persons from now on ^_^

>Ok, for my part I have time concerns for the moment but I was (and still am) 
>in the process to study how to interface network drivers. 
>Based on a old sample code from Be I was trying to directly interface a 
>driver to send and receive frames
>But I can help and give all the source code and information I collected in 
>the area of this project :-)

Would love to know what information you collected so far because as soon as I 
have finished 
the BeOS API stuff I'd love to jump in on this part.

>Do we have a base structure to use?  Do we have some alternate cvs(or other) 
>for us to use until the build meister gets everything organized? (Anybody know 
>the build meister is at with regards to people being able to commit stuff?)

As far as I'm concerned my code is not ready yet. As soon as there's something 
usable you'll be 
my first alpha-testers ^_^. There shouldn't be much to test except for those of 
you who have 
BONE, as the libnetapi works with R5 but not with BONE (listening sockets don't 

>I'm not aware of any cvs repository for network code other than the main
>project CVS.

Just the same for me ^_^

>>Last but not least, the "old guys" on this list have to welcome a couple of 
>>- Erik Reid, from...?, well I don't know where from ^_^
>Calgary, Alberta, Canada. :)
>(sourceforge id is freyr, I think)

ok :o)
Well, I'm glad to see Erik post to this list (at long last). Please don't 
forget the list is open to 
suggestions and I'd like to hear from all the "newcomers". Didn't get a single 
answer from the 
"newcomers" to this thread. Writing emails steals a lot of time away from 
coding, but those who 
are not coding yet have no excuse for not answering :o)

Francesco, Robson, can we finally get some news from you?
Zenja, can you please give us an update as far as the "dummy C program files" 
are concerned?


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