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  • Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 16:51:31 -0600


I dont know at this point.  I was studying the stack some months ago,
but didnt get too far.  Im going to get my BeOS test box up and
running with our stack, and run some basic tests using the route,
ping, and other command that we already have.  Philippe was looking
for a short report of my findings in doing this.  I have access to
many different machines and tools, so I can set up packet traces
using Ethereal and the like...

That said, I'm not really sure how we could divide the work.  How
about you do a similar task as I am going to do above. Keep track of

Hardware configuration of your BeOS machine (CPU, RAM, Nic, etc)
Network: routers, hubs, switches, etc
Hosts: What are the machine specs and OSes you are pinging, ftping
to, telneting to and so forth (Windows, *nix, BeOS, etc...)

This should take too long to complete.  We can then compare our
findings and then decide how we can tackle the stack most efficiently.

Let me know what you think...

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>Hey Brennan,
>So we don't step on each other's proverbial toes what parts of the 
>stack are you planning on working on?
>On Dec 30, 2003, at 11:17 AM, Brennan Cleveland wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Brennan here.  It's been awhile (my previous semester of school was
>> demanding) but I'm back at it.  I have many machines on a local
>> network, and I plan to start debugging the stack again (not that I
>> got that far before, but...)
>> Also, I'm starting to write up a Getting Started document to help
>> developers:
>> 1. Get the source from CVS
>> 2. run jam
>> 3. create the boot floppy
>> When I get that document nice and shiny, I will submit it for peer
>> review...
>> Thanks,
>> Brennan
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>> Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 16:15:18 GMT
>>>> Merry Christmas to you all (well, one day too late...).
>>> Thanks!
>>> I hope yours was great.
>>>>> How can I help?
>>>> The route and traceroute commands do not work.
>>>> I could need a simple tcpdump application to see if all PPP
>>>> are sent correctly.
>>>> Additionally, the netstack is full of bugs:
>>>> It is not thread-safe (e.g.: ifnet usage: adding/removing and
>>> access
>>>> are always done without locking).
>>>> I cannot send/receive packets using the PPP add-on although all
>>>> values are set correctly (local and destination address + local
>>> netmask)
>>>> Do you have a private network? If so, could you please try to
>>>> and then telnet or ftp to your sencond computer using our
>>>> We do not have an telnet/ftp app; I hope those on your HD will
>>> work.
>>>> Otherwise we might have to get the source of the BSD apps and try
>>> to
>>> compile it.
>>>> Philippe will probably have some better jobs for you, but I would
>>> be
>>>> happy if our netstack was working... ;)
>>> In fact, I don't. Plus, it's sound enough tasks...
>>> :-)
>>> Helping making our current network stack working is the top
>>> There's a userland version of this stack. It allow us to run it
>>> hosted
>>> by an userland app.
>>> You'll learn more about it here:
>>> ml
>>> And here :
>>> ml
>>> Note that it's not up-to-date version, and you may want to replace
>>> parts by newers built from our CVS.
>>> The route and traceroute don't work yet, and I suspect that
>>> they can't open route sockets.
>>> Mostly because we don't have the old/pre-newtree move route module
>>> checked-in.
>>> - Philippe
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