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  • From: "Waldemar Kornewald" <Waldemar.Kornewald@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:23:43 +0100

Hi Brennan,
something misterious is happening here. One more week of this kind and we have 
a full team running. :)
If you find enough time, could you please send a small report what could be 
done successfully when using our netstack (ping, telnet, ftp, Net+)? 
Unfortunately, I do not have a network anymore (what am I doing here then? ;), 
thus I can only test PPP (which does not work...because of a bug in the 
netstack, I hope ;).

Thank you and I wish to all of you a happy new year.


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Brennan here.  It's been awhile (my previous semester of school was
demanding) but I'm back at it.  I have many machines on a local
network, and I plan to start debugging the stack again (not that I
got that far before, but...)

Also, I'm starting to write up a Getting Started document to help new

1. Get the source from CVS
2. run jam
3. create the boot floppy

When I get that document nice and shiny, I will submit it for peer


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Subject: RE: [openbeosnetteam] Re: Hey Philippe, Waldemar...
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 16:15:18 GMT

>> Merry Christmas to you all (well, one day too late...).
>I hope yours was great.
>> > How can I help?
>> The route and traceroute commands do not work.
>> I could need a simple tcpdump application to see if all PPP packets
>> are sent correctly.
>> Additionally, the netstack is full of bugs:
>> It is not thread-safe (e.g.: ifnet usage: adding/removing and
>> are always done without locking).
>> I cannot send/receive packets using the PPP add-on although all 
>> values are set correctly (local and destination address + local 
>> Do you have a private network? If so, could you please try to ping 
>> and then telnet or ftp to your sencond computer using our netstack?
>> We do not have an telnet/ftp app; I hope those on your HD will
>> Otherwise we might have to get the source of the BSD apps and try
>compile it.
>> Philippe will probably have some better jobs for you, but I would
>> happy if our netstack was working... ;)
>In fact, I don't. Plus, it's sound enough tasks...
>Helping making our current network stack working is the top priority.
>There's a userland version of this stack. It allow us to run it
>by an userland app.
>You'll learn more about it here:
>And here :
>Note that it's not up-to-date version, and you may want to replace 
>parts by newers built from our CVS.
>The route and traceroute don't work yet, and I suspect that because 
>they can't open route sockets.
>Mostly because we don't have the old/pre-newtree move route module 
>- Philippe
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>think it was a Tuesday.

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