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> In reply to Emmanuel Jacobs:
> > FYI :-)
> Thanks.
> Most of these features can be added afterward as userland servers, apps,
> ons or a combinaison of that, I guess.

Under normal circomstances, yes, it should stay outsite the kernel.
But if you would want to boot diskless (from the network), you cannot do
this, because you'd need a network filesystem to mount the root file system.
Old sun boxes had a separate (simplified) protocol, just to boot from,
solving the chicken-and-egg problem.
Such an approach would enable to keep the NFSv4 implementation out of the
kernel, while allowing network booting.
That way I suppose you could keep the kernel (relatively) unbloated that
LDAP should indeed be kept out of the kernel. A userland server (having a
persistent connection to the server) would be
most efficient I think.

> But, what should be (or would be better if) placed into the stack itself?
> LDAP support? I'm not LDAP fluent myself, in what's it's can be considered
> similar to DHCP and/or DNS?

I'm not LDAP fluent either, it seems to be a really complex protocol.

> For the native distributed file system, I agree, NFS4 is a good design.
> But I'll bet that for most users CIFS support (aka WON aka friend's
Windows (or
> Samba served) shared resources accessibility) is a must have, even before
> good full-featured network fs like NFS4.

CIFS is good if you want to share your mp3's, but you can't mount system
files from it, and you can't do queries either.
Making a CIFS implementation obviously is really needed.
But NFS4 can allow us true roaming.
Imagine that installing software on one computer equals installing it on
your entire network.
That could ease managing a group of workstations, right?

> > If required, discussion can be continued on the GE mailinglist.
> Where can I search ge-talk archives? Or subscribe?
> -Philippe

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