[openbeosnetteam] Re: DHCP Question

  • From: "Philippe Houdoin" <philippe.houdoin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 00:14:01 GMT

> No, I have no plan on integration.  My goals right now are simply to 
> get
> an executable binary that can communicate with a DHCP server 
> correctly.
> I am happy if you guys just tell me how to integrate it when the time
> comes and I'll do what you tell me.

Okay. We'll wait that moment then.

In the mid time, you can get (a little bit more) familiar with the 
stack modular design by 
looking at the stack *lite* documentation:

> In other more general news, I have the week of May 10-14 scheduled as
> vacation and I plan to split my time between this DHCP implementation
> and my other open source project which is a game.  (Don't worry, when
> the game is released there will be a BeOS client.)
> So I aim to have evidence of some success or spectacular failure in 
> two
> weeks.

> BTW, do you have any plans to mark DHCP as "assigned" on the team 
> page?
> :-)


- Philippe

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