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Typically, a machine uses the first message received.  It is a good design
practice to have more than one DHCP server on your network, each handing out
differnet chunks of the same scope.  That way if one goes down, the other
one can still hand out IPs.


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I have been looking over the DHCP spec and getting ready to start
working on it and I have a question.  I saw in the protocol information
regarding what happens when your machine sends a request for an IP and
two or more DHCP servers answer back.  I do not believe the spec gives a
rule for what to do in that situation.  I got the impression that the
machine/user needs to decide which server to get the IP from.

I've never booted a PC of any operating system on a network with more
than one DHCP server so I don't know how BeOS 5, Windows, or any other
OS handles this?  Obviously this doesn't impact my initial work--I'll
simply assume there is only one server until I get that part working.  I
am just wondering how we should handle more than one DHCP server.

Thoughts?  Does anyone know how BeOS 5 handles it?


David Enderson
Digital IMS

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