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8< snip !

>Is there anything special I should know about sending and receiving UDP
packets in Be?  What libraries do I have at my disposal?



    About UDP packets and DHCP/BOOTP protocol don't forget you should be
able to issue an outgoing UDP packet at a time you don't even have an IP

    The first packet (A) is issued from our mac address and an IP of
to a destination broadcast Layer 2 address (FF.FF.FF.FF.FF.FF) and broadcast
Layer 3 address (

    Then, you should get a reply from a DHCP Server/Relay.

    I met a situation where the replied packet (DHCP Offer) (B) was sent to
the station back with a destination IP which was the DHCP suggested one.
Recall that at that time the client IP stack still hasn't any IP address...

    Can our stack (UDP Socket) send (A) type packets or receive (B) type
packets when no IP is configured ?

    Do we need to use RAW sockets or even another implementation trick to
correctly handle those packets ?



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