[openbeosnetteam] 12/12/2001 Status

  • From: "Jean Schwerer" <j-schwerer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:55:56 +0100

Hi all,

as far as I'm concerned I'll make it clear I didn't touch a single line of code 
for the past 15 days. 
Just didn't have the time. However I finally could free some time in tomorrow's 
timetable so I 
should be able to code a little bit tomorrow.
Wednesday is handier for me to send status reports so I will send weekly 
reports (and ask for 
your reports) on wednesdays from now on.

[Erik Reid, "beos drivers.."]
Unfortunately I have no idea how to help about your driver problem.

>(I have started on the netkit skeleton, but only got an hour or so into it
>before getting distracted by this not-having-network issue)

Did you get back to working on the skeleton since your mail or did you focus on 
the driver thing 
(or whatever else)?

[Zenja Solaja, "What's going on"]
>Damn, Civ3 came out ;-)

Damn, I only have Civ2. I'm 200% sure I should NOT try Civ3 otherwise I might 
counterproductive for at least two months in a row ^_^.
Please, please, resist the temptation ^_^ We need you!!!

[Myself, "What's going on"]
>Francesco, Robson, can we finally get some news from you?

Still no news and no answer. Are you willing to contribute anything (code or 
ideas) before 

[Myself again, quoting Emmanuel in "What's going on"]
>Ok, for my part I have time concerns for the moment but I was (and still am) 
>in the process to study how to interface network drivers.
>But I can help and give all the source code and information I collected in 
>the area of this project :-)

As I already wrote then, I would love to know what information you collected so 
far. Can you 
please either send me that information by email or even better could we set up 
an irc / icq / 
jabber / whatever else meeting so you can explain me what information you got 
so far? Thanks!
Other than that, were you able to get any free time for OpenBeOS in the past 2 

Please give me some news all of you!


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