[openbeosmediakit] Re: new version of Extractor.h

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  • Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 02:24:05 PDT

Hi Philippe,

The BTrack object is not the same as the BMediaTrack object, and 
likewise I hadn't planned on making the BExtractor the same as the 
BMediaExtractor object.  The BMedia* versions are the ones that 
applications typically use and encapsulate some handy shortcuts or 
other functionality that most every application will use.  The other 
versions are the API that is implemented by the addons.

The point is well taken though.  Since these are the APIs that will be 
implemented by addons fulfilling these roles, perhaps we could use 
BMediaExtractorAddon, etc.  That would read better too: I need to 
implement a media extractor addon for avi. :-)

Then we could have instantiate_extractor_addon().  ;-) (to those in the 

P.S. the original media kit names were really BExtractor, etc., but we 
don't have to play by those rules where this is concerned, since they 
were in the private namespace.

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Subject: [openbeosmediakit] Re: new version of Extractor.h

Hi Andrew,

Please don't call these classes simply BTrack, BExtractor and BWriter, 
that's far too general.
BMediaTrack, BMediaExtractor and BMediaWriter looks all fine.
If calling them differently from BeOS MediaKit ones is necessary, then 
why not 
only remove the B prefix?

- Philippe, back to lurkeland now.

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