[openbeosmediakit] libFMedia

  • From: Daniel Fischer <dan@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:26:15 +0000

he peoples,

i've been loosely monitoring your efforts in (re-)creating the MediaKit, and 
you make more progress than i thought. :)
keep up the good work.

i thought you might be interested in my latest semi-release. it's not on BeBits 
(yet), but available from my homepage,
its called "libFMedia" and is basically an abstraction layer to make developing 
new media nodes much much easier.

it uses almost any aspect of the mediakit, so it might be of use in testing 
when you reached some level of completeness.

you can have a look on http://f3c.com/software/FMedia/
it's open-source, under no particular license yet, i guess i'll put it under 

i have been asked by some of yous to write down my wishes/suggestions for the 
new implementation of the kit. but, quite frankly, it is quite allright. some 
things i found in the wiki are true (B_PHYSICAL_INPUT), and the mediakit is 
generally a relatively complex thing compared to the other be stuff. but this 
complexity brings also flexibility and thats what we want, eh? and- some 
abstraction layer can provide for the easiness :)
so. if you make it it will be a dream come true for me and i will definitely 
continue my dev efforts on mediacontrol, libFMedia and the nodes for ever. i 
must admit , though, that i am currently investigating the possibilities to 
create a similar (yet much simpler) structure on a portable base, just to be 
independent of any proprietary OS manufacturer selling out.

i guess i will release most of my working nodes in the next weeks as open 
source. you will also notice on BeBits, but might want to watch 
f3c.com/software/FMedia if you want to be on the edge :)

again, keep up the progress. i hope hope hope you will do it.

all the best to all BeLievers,


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