[openbeosmediakit] Will re-installing randomly pick a different sound card?

  • From: "Jimmy and Karen" <the.sciaccas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 09:39:57 -0400 EDT


Great work! (and I know it's ALOT of work!) 

Q. Will reinstalling the new media kit randomly pick a different sound 
card? I have 3 cards-(2+onboard) and only onboard currently works 

I've been trying to promote OBOS to any and all programmers to help out 
with the media kit, till I get my c++ chops up to speed, right now I'm 
studying the media header files to get familiar with the API.

If there's anything else a novice programmer with a good understanding 
of BeOS can do, let me know. (Got any easy dev tasks I could attempt?)

Jimmy (shaka) Sciacca

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