[openbeosmediakit] Update

  • From: "Marcus" <dos4gw@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 03:21:14 CEST (+0200)


as many of you already noticed, the website has been updated.
The media kit part is now updated as well.


You will notice that all the different teams are no longer managed on a member, 
but on a task and contributor basis.
This makes things a lot easier. If you are interested in doing some work, you 
will be assigned to it, and after you contributed code, you are a contributor.

This also means that all unfinished tasks are open, so if you are still working 
on something, tell me and send code.

Some news for you:

The media=5Fserver, media=5Faddon=5Fserver and libmedia.so are moved into the 
new CVS tree in /current

The ac97 driver for intel chipsets is in CVS. It is implemented using the 
multiaudio api.
The system audio mixer media add-on is beeing developed by David Shipman. A 
first version is in CVS.
The BTimeCode class is beeing developed by David McPaul. A first version is in 
Christopher Park told me he is going to do the BMediaFiles class

Andrew is going to take care about composing a new Codec API and hopes to 
present an initial documentation next week.

The legacy media add-on is still assigned to Jens Winkler. If you have an 
update and want to continue it's development tell me please, else this task 
will be moved to unassigned.

Some other classes are still assigned to me. I'm working on it-

The game kit also has some media related classes that need to be implemented, 
visit http://open-beos.sourceforge.net/tms/team.php=3Fid=3D3 to find out.


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