[openbeosmediakit] Suggestion

  • From: "john 'soco' robinson" <soco@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 01:13:23 +0100

i just signed up as i'd like to monitor the work and such although i really
doubt i'll be able to help
because of my employer :)

anyway, i noticed on the Media Kit page at Open BeOS you're missing 4
classes that i personally
consider quite important, especially when developing a codec api and an API
similar to Be's...


i bring this up because i had a huge love for the mediakit and it's
potential (in my eyes). i believe
these are important in that they allow you to do encoding and decoding only
in memory. this allows
for many things including live encoding for video conferencing or
shoutcasting. the same is true
for the opposite. decoding data on the fly. it allows for the codec API to
change drastically and
still be able to do these things. with these it could also make it fairly
easy to create a BBufferConsumer
that would simply be an mp3 encoder for shoutcast, yet you have a node that
can act like a
normal sound output from the media preference panel.

anyway, the reason i see them important enough to mention now is that the
codec API would need
to be able to encode individual buffers, one at a time, with this class.
creating a codec that is easily
reusable and that can encode buffers is just something that i believe is
rather important. it may also
help creating some of the other classes like the track readers and writers
if these are in place.

hope this may be of some help,

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