[openbeosmediakit] New team member Shane Parker and more information

  • From: "Marcus Overhagen" <dos4gw@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 15:51:26 +0000

We have a new team member! 
It is Shane Parker <parkerdewey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
His subscription message is below :)

Also, Juno told me that he has 10-20 hours a week he can spend on this. 
I can also spend about the same amout of time on this each week.

I will try to make the assignments now.

>Hey there.
>Sign me up for the OpenBeOS project! You've managed to get me more than 
>interested in the whole thing.
>My name is Shane Parker, and i'm decently skilled in C/C++ programming. I say 
>'decently' because i'm no expert by any means, but i
 have a very solid understanding of programming. I'm very interested in low 
level stuff, such as kernels and the like. I also happen to be
 an experienced atist. ( Or so i think so! :D ) I would be comfortable doing 
any sort of art, documentation and any programming i'm able to
 do. I can work on several needed assignments, but i would especially like to 
work on the Game/Media kits. I'm able to put in a good
 amount of free-time for the project. You can expect me to put in several hours 
a week.
>I hope i can help make this excellent project a success!
>Thanks! :)
>- Shane Parker


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