[openbeosmediakit] New BMediaFormats and friends

  • From: "Axel Dörfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "OpenBeOS Media Kit" <openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:39:12 +0100 CET

Hi there,

I brought the BMediaFormats class into a usable state and reworked the 
decoder seek process.
Here is what I did:
- BMediaFormats is now completely implemented
- Reader::GetStreamInfo() must now call one of the BMediaFormats::Get*
FormatFor() calls to create the empty outFormat and do his changes 
based upon that - the outFormat will automatically have a valid 
encoding because of that.
- I moved MediaPlugin::RegisterPlugin() to 
DecoderPlugin::RegisterDecoder() (since only this class used it)
- The myDecoder::RegisterDecoder() implementation must call 
BMediaFormats::MakeFormatFor() to register the media_format_description 
for the decoder.
- There is quite some magic involved with MakeFormatFor() and I am not 
sure if we should keep it this way or not; basically, the AddOnManager 
who is responsible for calling Decoder::RegisterDecoder() installs a 
hook in the server local BMediaFormats class that will call it when 
MakeFormatFor() is called - the AddOnManager is locked during that 
time, so that there is no way to call the wrong hook (it's the same 
method Marcus used before for the DecoderPlugin)
- that hook not only calls FormatManager::RegisterDe/Encoder() to get a 
valid outFormat, it also stores the new format in the decoder_info
- these formats are used to implement GET_DECODER_FOR_FORMAT - and 
that's why the reader has to pass a registered format to this call
- the FormatManager manages the audio_encoding/video_encoding fields - 
when a codec calls MakeFormatFor(), it will assign a new ID to it
- I also fixed the == and < operators for media_format_description 
(didn't touch the B_OGG_FILE_FORMAT, though)
- BMediaFormats is now using one static list with all formats (for all 
existing BMediaFormats objects) - it is aware that the registered 
formats can change at any point, and it will try to update them before 
every call (they will only be updated if there were any changes, 
- I added a BMessage based QueryServer() which the BMediaFormats class 
uses to update its local list copy
- the AddOnManager now scans B_USER_ADDONS_DIRECTORY, B_COMMON_*, and 
B_BEOS_*. Temporarily the OpenBeOS distro directory is also scanned (if 
it is under /boot/home/develop/openbeos/)
- I introduced a new Decoder::GetCodecInfo() that fills a 
media_codec_info structure
- I updated all existing decoder add-ons to the new API

What's left to do?
- I haven't yet checked if raw decoders work
- the ogg/vorbis/speex stuff doesn't work anymore - I hope that Andrew 
won't be too mad at me, but his current decoder detection mechanism was 
just broken; I've added "ToDo" items to the problematic lines; you just 
have to switch to a media_format_description based recognition
- there is no special Ogg-type reader support yet (I planned to let the 
codec decide if it can sniff or not)
- there is no loading/saving of settings (the FormatManager should use 
a user editable settings file)
- the FormatManager sends his replys in the server thread, and it 
shouldn't do this with a timeout > 0 (currently 5 secs) - the timeout 
should either be set to 0, or the task off-loaded to another thread

That might be all, but I probably forgot half of it :)
If you encounter any problems, please shout - the new version is now in 


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