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  • From: Frans van Nispen <xlr8@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 20:19:40 +0000


you're verry kind to offer that service, thanks !

Now working on SampleStudio's saving routines brings up a lot of trouble.
It start with loading:

    I try to decode a 16bit file into a B_AUDIO_FLOAT buffer in memory.

BeOS does not let me choose this format. The B_AUDIO_FLOAT gives a
compile error. When I manualy set it to 0x24 and invoke the DecodedFormat(..)
it simply overrides this and put it back to 16bit integers.

I also see no way to save any other bit-size converted from floats directly.
I need to do this by hand also.

While the encoders/decoder are under NDA, I am wondering if it is possible to
create our own without breaking the NDA ?

And as Be was still working on this kit, wouldn't it be better to provide a new 
for this purpose ??

So far it looks like I'm better of writing my custom importers / exporters for 
media apps.

Frans van Nispen.

>>As OBOS needs addons for reading and we would like to extend the set
>>of supported formats with some proffesional formats of some samplers,
>>I was wondering if any of you have info on how to write such a decoder / 
>>encoder addon ???
>>I am willing to do some of the basic formats for OBOS as the basic version
>>of SampleStudio will be freely available and probably included in the 
>>BeUnited package, we could do some of the work in this area for you.
>>Maybe anyone has an example encoder/decode addon ??
>Well, I have access to the encoder/decoder API for BeOS but I am under an NDA 
>so I cannot hand it around.
>However, I have prepared to do the following.
>If you send me details of the codec you want or supply me with code then I 
>will create the encoder/decoder for you.  That way you get an encoder/decoder 
>and I don't break the NDA.
>Once the new media kit has it's own encoder/decoder API I will also convert 
>the encoders/decoders I have done already.
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