[openbeosmediakit] Media Kit documentation

  • From: "Marcus Overhagen" <dos4gw@xxxxxx>
  • To: Jeff Biss <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 17:05:14 +0000

I received an en email by Jeff Biss,
who is doing documentation for the OpenBeOS.

But I see a few major problems in this.
* Gobe format isn't very handy, and doesn't have working links
* HTML would be much better for reference during deveopment
* currently, we are not changing any functionality, so
* there aren't any additions yet.
* I don't know the exact meaning of markup, "rise a price" doesn't
* seem to be correct :)
* we have some undocumented areas (sample code only), as driver
* interfaces etc. these one need better documentation, or newsletter 
* articles that need to be added to the documentation. Do we have 
* to do this, or will you be doing it?


>My name is Jeff Biss and I am converting the existing BeBook for use 
>with the OpenBeOS project. I'm [...] able to 
>send you the first half that I have completed.
>I am sending the files in a WinZip file since I am in NT at the moment 
>and have just finished working in FrameMaker in my regular job. The 
>files are in GoBeProductive format. Regarding the review/update process:
>- The files are conversions directly from the BeBook included in Be ver. 5
>- Review only the content for relevance and accuracy. I haven't taken 
>the time to figure out how to include graphics in GoBeProductive yet so 
>they are missing.
>- Do not worry about format. This is a first pass and needs improvement.
>- Mark up as you see fit.
>- I will leave these files on my system as they were sent to you and 
>will use your markups when you send them back.
>- These files will be used to produce a PDF version and HTML so their 
>organization will change to make this process easy and maintainable.
>I need to know what people need, such as what file format.
>- I have done this in GoBeProductive but that program produces Word 
>format files and ultimately I will use FrameMaker to produce the book. 
> From that book the PDF and HTML will be produced. Since most people do 
>not do desktop publishing most do not have FrameMaker so I need to use a 
>program that everyone can use initially.
>Sincerely, Jeff Biss
>Documentation for OpenBeOS

I have uploaded it here: http://beos.overhagen.de/1st half of Media kit.zip

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