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  • From: "Marcus" <dos4gw@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 03:43:29 +0200

Dear readers, 
I just thought I should forward the following email I got, so we don't 
forget all these suggestions when implementing the functionality.
We should really be able to make using the mdie kit more convenient 
to the users.

"hritskna" <hritskna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
            I was once a pretty big supporter of BeOS, writing articles
for thebesite.com, interviewing key Be, Inc. employees, and even writing
a few pieces of code and programming tutorials here & there.  One of my
hacks at one point was a small Plug-in for Marco's SoundPlay that
allowed it to control the bt848 based FM radio cards through connecting
to the Media Kit and changing various preferences.  While I'm sure you
have many issues on your plate here were a few issues I found with the
previous Media Kit.  Perhaps as you move to implement things such as the
bt848 based cards these suggestions may come in handy.  If not, then ohh
well at least I'm trying to help ;-).
Issue: Must restart Media services to load a new TV favorites list
Suggestion: Either a dynamically loaded tvfavorites list, or the ability
to save multiple lists.  This is how I tricked the bt848 into using FM
radio under BeOS R5.  By customizing a tvfavorites file which listed
standard US FM radio frequencies and setting them to different channel
numbers (essentially giving them radio-presets as you would see on
modern stereo equipment).  Having to restart media services to implement
a different list of favorites was a pain.
Issue: Interfacing with bt848 without disrupting media services
Suggestion: In order to set different card settings I simply attached to
the Media preferences panel and grabbed the controls I needed.  I
remember that doing this made changing some controls awkward.
Issue: lack of support for remote control devices
Suggestion: Perhaps keeping in mind the long-term goal of supporting
additional features of these cards by providing some interface to
additional hardware features such as remote controls, closed captioning,
In the end, there may have been ways to tackle these issues outside the
scope of my programming knowledge, so my hope is that the group may grow
from my experiences.
Best Wishes and Keep up the good work,
Nick Hritsko - Future user of OpenBeOS


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