[openbeosmediakit] Fwd:Honeycomb and OpenBeos

  • From: "Marcus Overhagen" <dos4gw@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 14:56:05 +0100

Neil Johnson <nejohnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Marcus,

My name is Neil Johnson and I am the project manager of the 
Honeycomb project. The aim of Honeycomb is to be a 
professional Film and Animation production suite for 
Beos/OpenBeos. We are hosted at Sourceforge. We plan on 
including editors for video, 3d, audio (wave and midi), 
compositing, raster and vector graphics, rendering, and 
scripting.  Most of what we create will be making use of 
the Media Kit in OpenBeos. I thought it would be good to 
touch base with you and introduce myself, because as the 
development of both OpenBeos and Honeycomb progress, I'm 
sure I'll have questions, requests, etc.

I am really looking forward to the first release of 
OpenBeos, and we really want to show off the capabilities 
of the operating system through Honeycomb. Good Luck!

Neil Johnson 

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