[openbeosmediakit] Re: Common Plugin API for BeOS Audio

  • From: "Frans van Nispen" <frans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 13:21:34 +0200

I have put you on the list. I am still waiting for a few reactions
and post the initial message on the list.

So please keep this mail to be post on the ist later.


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Onderwerp: [openbeosmediakit] Re: Common Plugin API for BeOS Audio

> This will also need to be guided by a library of easy to access
> skinnable widgets to create real-looking interfaces easilly.

I think this is an important issue. My preferred solution would be to
expand the range of BControls available, and provide easier access
to creating MediaThemes. 

Theme management facilities, combined with some intelligent layout
tools could serve exactly your purpose. 

What I don't want to see is another system that acheives almost the
same thing, but using a different and incompatible API.

The point of this excercise is standards - my concern is this :
on the one hand, we should be encouraging developers to use the
full facilities available to them (utilising nodes, and the kit) - and 
yet we are also saying "Here is this new plugin API that is separate,
but if you're an audio dev use this, if you do other media stuff,
use the kit...."

Its a mixed message at best.

Please understand that I think a clean "Be-feeling" plugin API is a
good idea - I just think this API should work with and reside on top
of the existing media framework.

David Shipman

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