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Nice going.

A standard audio FX API add-on across all applications is exactly where =
will have its market strength.

My only suggestion at this point without seeing the proposed API is the
name.  "RealtimeFX" does not imply audio FX, since "RealtimeFX" could =
apply to image manipulation and other forms of media manipulation.  How
about "AudioFxAddon"?  If its real-time or not depends more on the
application hosting the addons.  As long as the API is designed for
real-time manipulation, an application could use the same API for other
non-real-time purposes.


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Subject: [Buba] Common Plugin API for BeOS Audio

This mail is important !

As you all know, support is very important for BeOS/OBOS. It is the =
powerfull platform for audio.

I have been working to get as much support from 3th parties as possible =
make OpenBeOS an accepted media choice and with some success.

We have found two companies that allowed me to port their VST plugins =
BeOS, I got someone to hand me a VSTGUI library that supports VSTGUI up =
version 2.0,
one company is now discussing details with us about porting their VSTi
instrument to BeOS and Ohm Force started to support BeOS again.

With all these efforts, it still does not look like Steinberg will =
BeOS an option to support VST3.0. I have made serveral attempts to =
them, but no co=F6peration or what so ever.

Besides this, VST does not meet all the conditions to make it 'the'
professional audio format and there are even companies that will not =
VST because of this.

OpenBeOS has so much potential, and as we are developing plug-in API's =
our SampleStudio and upcoming MultiStudio, we would like to take this
opportunity to let you all in on this.

This means, we want a plugin API that can be used by any BeOS/OBOS =
to add plugin support to their audio application. We want this to be a
standard for BeOS.

To even make this more exciting, Sonic Timeworks is concidering to port
their plugins to BeOS if we can meet these goals and add their 2$ to =

We still will support VST for our products, but as we need a descent =
plugin API anyway, we could as well create a global usable one. After =
the BeOS mediakit already was capable to host instruments, and doesn't =
VSTi for this.

Of course, this API will be a realtime one, as is the power of BeOS. We =
call these API's: 'RealtimeFX' - plugins. This standard will do =
effects, audio generation controlled by MIDI or other apps =
(Instruments) and
offline processing as needed in SampleStudio and ColdCut.

If we all can come to a common format for SampleStudio, XRS, ColdCut,
Sounplay, ... I will put in a bonus and make the first set of plugins =
BeOS, available for free.

I will proceed to create the RealtimeFX plugin library and API's =
anyway, but
hope we all can make it a BeOS standard.

Please react to this at frans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx If you are with me on =
this, I
will setup a maillist to discus futher details.

Frans van Nispen,

Buba - BeUnited Board of Advisors

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