[openbeosmediakit] Re: All media kit team members please respond!

  • From: Jens Winkler <mjwin@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:10:21 +0100

Hi Marcus,

sorry for the late reply, I'm on a business trip right now and therefore don't 
have access to my BeOS machine at home.

I don't remember what the state of the legacy audio media-node is (it has been 
a while since I last worked on that). I will send a detailed status report when 
I have access to my BeOS machine again (probably 2-3 weeks from now).


openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 25.03.02:
> Hello,
> as you should still know, I'm the team leader.
> I have been busy because of exams during the last three (and more) weeks,
> but know I'm back.
> I'm implementing the BMediaNode, BMediaRoster, BBufferProducer and 
> BBufferConsumer
> NOW. I want to have something working by April 5th, since I want to have a 
> short presentation
> showing that we make progress at the Begeistert event ( 
> http://www.begeistert.org ) here in
> Germany.
> I really want to get the sourcecode you all might have written by now. I 
> don't care if it's incomplete,
> or doesn't compile, or doesn't work. I want to see it.
> Also anything else you might be wroking on, documentation for example.
> So please, zip it and send it to me!
> If you have nothing done so far, because of whatever reasons, it's not a 
> problem. But please tell
> me that you are still interested, and when you expect to have something done.
> IF YOU ARE NO LONGER INTERESTED, but still have assigned tasks, or you are 
> listed as a
> member on the website, please send me an email and I will clear this up. You 
> don't have to 
> give reasons if you want to leave, but please tell me!
> We also have two or three new members not listed currently. I will clear up 
> the homepage
> and also get the task, status and assignment list online.
> Every team member who does not reply until April 6th will be removed.
> If you are not on you BeOS development machine currently, and thus can't send 
> sourcecode, please send a reply anyway, and send sourcecode later.
> Please, I'm in a urgent need of status updates :)
> regards
> Marcus

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