[openbeos-midi] mpu401 module update

  • From: gsc70@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:40:14 +0000


Some good news with the mpu401 module:   Its starting to shape up.   I was able 
to fix the midi operations of the Emuxki driver, which uses the published 
header file "v1", and do some testing.   With the midi-in enabled and 
interrupts enabled I was able to test all midi functions and they are working 
pretty good so far.  Theres still some things with the midi-in buffers that I 
want to look at and figure if there is a more efficient method.   

I went another step further and replaced all midi components with the OpenBeos 
midi_server, libraries, OpenBeos emuxki SBLive driver and try it out.   
Midi-out data worked without a hitch.   Midi-in data for key-on worked too.   
One problem though, is the key-off messages were not handled.   My keyboard I 
was using ( an old Casio), does not seem to send complete key-off.  Key-on 
sends a 3 byte message (1st byte is 0x90), key-off sends only 2 bytes ( skips 
the first byte 0x80).   The Be server accepted the messages, but I don't know 
if my keyboard is odd in that fashion. 

My current code for submission: 

Greg Crain

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