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  • Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:20:15 -0500

First off, Congrats on the 1st milestone achievement!

I am currently working on a midi port driver for the Audigy.  I am having some 
trouble with the mpu401 module.   I haven't found much documentation on it, and 
the only sample code that uses it I can find is the Sonic Vibes source.  I am 
basically trying to follow the same method.  I can get the module, load it, and 
create a device.  The problem is, as soon as the midi port is opened, the 
computer completely freezes and never makes it beyond the open hook.  I've had 
no problems using the pci and gameport modules.

I see that the hardware support is still a ways off, but has there been much 
investigation into the mpu401 module and what is happening inside it?  Is there 
any experience with using it?  

Greg Crain

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Subject: [openbeos-midi] Milestone 1 is finished!

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I just put the finishing
touches to milestone 1 of the midi2 kit. This means we now have our
own midi_server and libmidi2.so. Of course, they are not complete
yet, but you can already create and connect MIDI endpoints. In fact,
the whole "housekeeping" protocol is implemented. What's left is the
ability to actually send and receive MIDI events (milestone 2), and
support for hardware devices (milestone 3).

Our kit is (binary) compatible with the one from Be, and it works
fine with the various MIDI applications from BeBits (at least the
ones I tested), except of course, that you can't make any sound yet

For more info, see http://home.concepts.nl/~hollies/midi, as

Enjoy and a happy new year!

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