[openbeos-midi] Re: activity/status?

  • From: "Martijn Sipkema" <msipkema@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 00:26:07 +0100

> I understand that you don't think that parsing of the file is a good idea
in the API.
> I don't understand *WHY* you think that each developer should have to know
> '4F' means turn on note 15 (or whatever).

Again I am talking about standard MIDI file parsing, not MIDI stream
parsing, just
to be sure you understand me correctly.
All but the most simple applications would never use a BMidiStore class for
recording/playback. The midi2 kit doesn't have a BMidiStore equivalent.
Parsing a standard MIDI file is not that hard and if an application wants to
how the MIDI events are represented in memory it had best do this all
For the simple applications (like games) that just playback MIDI, ok for
something like BMidiStore can be usefull. But I don't consider it top
priority and
think such a class would be better placed in a seperate utility library.

> Actually, what I was thinking of the other day, as a neat idea, would be
to incorporate
> MOD (through Translation Kit). Basically make MIDI the "BBitmap" of
Translation kit.
> Then all of the music creation languages (mod, midi, etc) could be created
and played
> transparently through MIDI kit.

I think this would prove very hard to get even remotely usefull :)

> >I'm saying that I think reading/writing standard MIDI files shouldn't be
> >the MIDI IO API.
> Right. But not why. You seem to know a lot more about MIDI than the rest
of us. Please explain.

Because I think this is a higher level and does not belong in the low level
input/output API, just
to keep things simple and seperate.
If we have a working IO API then implementing a BMidiStore like class is
just a couple of
hours coding, I am just afraid that starting with implementing these extras
might distract from
the more important issues.


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