[openbeos-midi] Re: The first version of Milestone 3

  • From: "Philippe Houdoin" <philippe.houdoin@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 01:33:39 +0100 (added by postmaster@wanadoo.fr)

Jerome wrote:
> > That's really simply (perhaps too=3D3D3F)
> > this version use write/read for sending/receiving midi data to 
> > hardware.
> > that work,
> > 
> > you can see result here : http://jerome.leveque.free.fr/
> > Midi=3D3D5FDrivers.zip

Oh, by the way, you should like to move the open() call in the 
MidiPortConsumer constructor, with only O=5FWR flag, and close() it 
in destructor.
Same thing for MidiPortProducer but with O=5FRD flag.

It will works only if all /dev/midi/* devices support to be open()'d 
multiple time. The mpu401 kernel module should, I guess.
You will need to drop the O=5FEXCL flag however, which allow a third app 
to mess with *your* /dev/midi/*, which is not great.

Otherwise, you will have to keep in memory a list of each /dev/midi/* 
opened, along his MidiPortProducer and MidiPortConsumer instances so 
that the midi=5Fserver can 
close() the device after having called Release() on both instances 
working on with it.
In this case, the usage of O=5FEXCL flag is higly recommanded.


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