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  • From: "Benjamin Garrigues" <beng@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 14:54:28 +0100

Hi there,
What Jerome said is not correct :
The Allegro softsynth can use his own softsynth if you use the "DIGMID"
driver (look at the "setup" programm, and in the documentation of the DIGMID
driver on the Allegro website, and be carefull to download the correct
version of Allegro for BeOS at bebits).

The softsynth is even able to read GUS and sf2 banks (but you need to use an
utility to convert the sf2 banks in order to use them), wich was not the
case of the R5 softsynth (if i remember correctly).
Using this DIGMID softsynth is not recommended though, as it has poor
performances (that's why the default setting is to use the Beos softsynth).
But it could be possible to optimize it.

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> Hi, I download the source of allegro
> after that i looking for midi synth from allegro and the good(very bad)
> news is :
> Allegro don't use their own softsynth but for BeOS that just use the
> BeOS SoftSynth and for other platform that just pass the data to the
> corresponding OS.
> I may be wrong then tell me what file I must read.
> Good night
> A+
> Jerome

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