[openbeos-midi] Re: New MidiPlayer

  • From: Michael Pfeiffer <michael.pfeiffer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 07:51:15 +0200

5/29/02 12:53:49 AM, "Jerome LEVEQUE" <jerl1@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>First point you must explain me how work CVS. I try for 1 hour to 
>understand how to connect but I can't it's too difficult for me.

Hope this helps:

I think what's missing above is that before you can check out a module
you have to login to:
ssh -l jerl1 cvs.open-beos.sourceforge.net

All versions of cvs for BeOS that I have used so far, seem to have 
a bug and if you want to check in something the first parameter that
specifies a file after "commit" or "ci" seems to be omitted!

This will not check int file1.c:
cvs -z3 ci file1.c other_files.c

But this will work (note the dot after "ci"):
cvs -z3 ci . file1.c other_files.c

or if you want to check in all files, type:
cvs -z3 ci . .

>Source at http://jerome.leveque.free.fr/MidiPlayer.zip
>This is the last release before I finish my exams for the University. I 
>hope next release on Monday.
>In this release you will see
> - a scope from Michael (If you wan't more copyright say me)

Visual credit for me in the MidiPlayer app is not required. It is
sufficient in the source or documentation.

> - pause/resume function for BMidiStrore and BMidiSynth
> - BMidiStrore to BSynth work now with MidiDelay class (from Michael 

So the BMidiSynthFile is not required any more, neither as MIDI
input nor MIDI output?

I want to add two points to the TODO list:
- send AllNotesOff when disconnecting a MIDI output or
  restarting a midi performance, ...
- allow multiple MIDI inputs and MIDI outputs


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