[openbeos-midi] New MidiPlayer

  • From: "Jerome LEVEQUE" <jerl1@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "MidiKit List" <openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 22:53:49 PDT (-0700)

First point you must explain me how work CVS. I try for 1 hour to 
understand how to connect but I can't it's too difficult for me.

Source at http://jerome.leveque.free.fr/MidiPlayer.zip
This is the last release before I finish my exams for the University. I 
hope next release on Monday.

In this release you will see
 - a scope from Michael (If you wan't more copyright say me)
 - pause/resume function for BMidiStrore and BMidiSynth
 - BMidiStrore to BSynth work now with MidiDelay class (from Michael 
 - BFile to BFile don't work why=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F

Todo : 
Add BSynth parameter (Reverb, .....)
Add Drag and Drop function
Some example of View (like Midi Meter or Midi Activity on each channel)
Some comenter
Add your idea here

Bye, have a nice week

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