[openbeos-midi] Re: Midi2 todo List

  • From: "Jerome LEVEQUE" <jerl1@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:26:40 PST (-0800)

> I worked on this last weekend, and I already found out most of the
> things ;-) There are still a few questions left, but figuring these
> out is not a lot of work, and I want to do this myself. I know I
> said before that you could help me on this, but it turned out to be
> easier than I expected ;-) So I won't be needing your help on this
> anymore...
As you want.

> The things you =5Fcan=5F do, if you want:
> -    Think about a design for the midi=5Fserver and libmidi2. I plan
> to work on this it as soon as the API documentation is complete. But
> if you have any thoughts about the design, then I'd very much like
> to hear them.
There is a lot of things I can't understood especially on protected 
memory for example an app do that 

endpt =3D new MyMidiEndpoint("test");

then an other app do that

endpt1 =3D BMidiRoster::NextEndpoint(14);
/*and the result is the Endpoint of the first app.*/

you say me that the second app can't access to the memory of the first 
then how is it possible=3F
I see too in BMidiEndpoint.h that the operator =3D is redefined can you 
explain me what that do=3F

> -    Put BMidiStore back into libmidi1. I already mentioned before
> that I rewrote BMidiStore but did not finish it. Maybe you can
> finish it, using the (partial) implementation of BMidiStore that you
> wrote before.
Ok i will do that, but as you know MidiFiles can store name of the 
track and other things like that, with the implementation of BMidiEvent 
from Paul that can't be stored(with mine that work :-)) 

> -    Rewrite BMidi and BMidiPort from libmidi1. Their current
> implementations are =5Fwrong=5F because they do not use libmidi2. I
> don't know if this is a lot of work -- it is probably pretty easy...
I have seen that BMidiPort use Midi2 but where BMidi use Midi2=3F
I will try to do BMidiPort.

> -    Finish the MidiPlayer ;-)
I correct the problem you say me, what are the other problem=3F


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