[openbeos-midi] MPU401 Specifications - maybe

  • From: Shane Moore <shanem_mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:25:38 +1100 (EST)


 On 10 Jan 2003, Philippe Houdoin said:
> If someone could find some official MPU401 spec, or
at least a 
> well-known open source MPU401 driver, it will help
greatly before 
> starting to write this mpu401 kernel module.

At the risk of having the wrong idea, I will announce
that I have a (paper) copy of Roland Corporation's
Technical Reference Manual for the MPU-401 (Also
called MPU-IPC-T), printed in 1985.
 Back about 8 years ago I used it to program the
hardware device (the MPU401) to do simple recording
and playback, through DOS using assembler commands. It
includes a description of the MPU Data format,
commands that could be sent to the MPU401, a Schematic
Diagram for the MPU401, the meaning of the bits that
arrive/go through ports 0x330 and 0x331 (or whichever
other ones you might have changed them to),
pseudo-assembler examples on how to do useful things
with the MPU401 (eg. record a track, playback a track,
etc.), how and when to enable/disable interrupts; all
up about 70 pages, in type-written (courier) font (It
was 1985!)
 Is that the kind of specification you are looking
for?  I believe that when the sound blaster came on
the scene, it's midi was designed to emulate the
operation of this specific hardware device, hence
where the name sort of came from.

 BTW, I am a 23 year old in Australia.

Shane Moore

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