[openbeos-midi] Re: MIDI Keyboards and BeOS?

  • From: Crain Greg <greg.crain@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 12:52:11 -0400

None of my (2) keyboards have velocity or aftertouch, and I really miss it.  ( 
one of my keyboards is a Korg Poly61M, 1st generation midi cira-early 80's... 
midi ch 1 only,  4 channel polyphonic.. what a dinosaur!).

Also, you will need an midi-soundcard interface.  I don't know how much they 
cost, or even where to get them because I made my own for about $10 in basic 

I agree with what Philippe said, pitchbend is nice and it is very dependant on 
the soundcard type and driver.  I wouldn't worry about the number of keys too 
much, until you become a better keyboard player, IMHO.

On another note, I am developing a SBLive Midi add-on driver for the R5.  I got 
midi-out working already, and am working on midi-in.  I'm not sure how both 
drivers setting interrupt registers is going to work out.     If you have an 
SBLive and want to try midi-out let me know and I will send you the driver to 

Greg Crain

> The "nicest" was the $300 Yamaha DGX-200, which is a 76 key touch
>sensitive keyboard with many voices, songs, a pitch bend wheel, and
>other niceties.  There also was the $200 Yamaha PSR-290, which is much
>like the DGX-200, except it only has 61 keys and no pitch bend wheel. 
>They also had some really simple ones for around $100 (but they still
>had MIDI in and outs.)  I'm sure these are all far from professional
>quality, but for now I don't need that.

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